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Interesting Question - is it not ? :-)

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17 Apr 2011 08:51 | Quote
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Hey everyone. Just thought I'd ask something kinda random but I think interesting - what kinda different music tastes has everyone had throughout their life? I've just noticed mine's changed a great deal. When I was 12 I liked Gangster rap (I know, me & rap...LOL), 13-14ish I found and decided I loved country chart stuff, then more classic country, folk, jazz and blues stuff, then grudge and now I still like all that except rap - but I'm more into rock (soft-ish and not too hardcore - as in 3 doors down and Matchbox 20 sorta stuff) and techno. How've all your tastes evolved?
17 Apr 2011 09:15 | Quote
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Good question Heather because it is a fact that musical tastes change as you get older. I started as a youngster with classical stuff (my favourite being Rossini). My early teens found me into rock and roll, the Beach Boys, then the Mersey explosion (Beatles et al). My later teens found a taste for 'progressive' stuff like Cream, Hendrix etc. This heavier stage (rock rather than metal) has lasted for most of my life. Since I've got into my 50's I've acquired a taste for renaissance stuff like Blackmores night and (wait for it) Dean Martin of the 'rat pack' fame.
17 Apr 2011 09:35 | Quote
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13 and Under - Pop / 90's mainstream
teens - Emo, Indie, Screamo, Punk
Early College Years - Classic Rock, 70's/80's pop or rock
Later College Years - Techno, Trance, Hardbeat
Now - All of the Above.
17 Apr 2011 11:33 | Quote
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Under 12 - Whatever my parents listed to.
12-13 - Metallica, Whitesnake (alot of 80s hard rock)
14-15 - Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, White Zombie, Racer X, Pantera, Megadeth (varied genres of metal)
Currently - Avantgarde, Classical, experimental rock, progressive rock, Blue Gillespie, Steely Dan, The Sword The Doors, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and everything else listed above.
17 Apr 2011 12:08 | Quote
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This is actually why I'm making a life album!

I'm also writing next to each song - who is was (if any) that introduced me to this, and who it was and influenced me into that genre.

I can honestly say within the past 5 years I have seriously opened up my mind to appreciate everything.

What does it matter if WE don't like it? It makes someone else happy. And music is probably the only thing we have that keeps us connected in one way or another. Music is the best language ever to define life, in my opinion.

When the life album comes out; I'll publish it here haha.
17 Apr 2011 12:26 | Quote
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13/classic rock/bass
14/thrash metal/grunge.
15/Black metal/ jazz/ neoclassical/
present/all of the above plus
jazz fusion/country/old blues/reggae.

my timeline is not very big.
17 Apr 2011 13:05 | Quote
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When i was very young i worshiped kiss. Then it went to hard rock only. And then years later it went to just about anything.
17 Apr 2011 15:47 | Quote
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When I was younger it was all metal now it's anything I can learn from.
I don't thing in terms of genres anymore. Just 2 categories LIKE and DON"T LIKE.
17 Apr 2011 16:18 | Quote
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@mosh that makes sense.
17 Apr 2011 17:16 | Quote
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Under 10 - country (all my mom listened to)
10-12 - rock
12-14 - alternative
14-14.5 - metal
15 - alternative
15.5-16 - Rap rock
16-now - anything except hiphop, and the crap they call rap now.
17 Apr 2011 19:30 | Quote
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8-9 Hip Hop
10-11 Linkin Park, Staind, Beastie Boys, Trapt, etc.
12-13 Lots of "pop punk" like blink 182, Offspring(actuall still like them), and other various pop punk bands.
14-17 Lots of 80s Hard Rock--like Van Halen, Ratt, Def Leppard, etc. Hair bands really
18- I love my thrash metal :) But I listen to some classical music(Vivaldi lately) but I play what I enjoy playing and it also happens to be what I'm good at :P
17 Apr 2011 21:14 | Quote
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From the time I was little til around 8 or nine it was just whatever my parents were listening to.

10-12ish was like rap/hip hop
13-14 was country
15-17(now) Classic rock(Zep, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, the Who), pop, techno, hair metal (Guns 'n' Roses, Def Leppard, Stryper), and wbout anything else that I like. I dont care all that much about genres.
17 Apr 2011 21:38 | Quote
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Like probably everyone else I started out listening to whatever my parents did, I remember alot of classical music (me and my siblings loved it so my parents always played it in the car) and classic rock like BTO, Grande Funk, etc. then I started getting into more alternative and "punk" music, the first cd i bought with my own money was Sum41, then a little bit of hip-hop. then at 13 or 14 got really heavy into power metal, through the years I started listening to all sorts of metal subgenres. Now I listen to mostly indie/folk and stuff, but I like almost anything, as long as its good. like Mosh said LIKE and DON'T LIKE
18 Apr 2011 10:58 | Quote
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Interesting to know. I don't look at music as just a few genres either btw - there's always individual artists/songs that you don't and do like in all of them. I just think it's pretty interesting to look back at it that way. It seems you've all done the same as me in any case - no matter what we've all liked in the past we've all still opened our minds to all kinds of generes.

Jazz, I'll have to keep checking back to seeing the life album. You definately like a lot of different stuff so that should be interesting to see!
18 Apr 2011 11:28 | Quote
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5-12 Soul
13-16 Soul, Hard Rock, Metal, some fusion
17-21 Mostly Metal and some rap
22-47 Everything

BTW, the whole genre thing didn't really explode until mp3s came into being and digital libraries.

When I was a kid there was:

20 Apr 2011 02:27 | Quote
Joined: 11 Apr 2011
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before 10 till 13 Classic and hard rock with some disco and 80s pop
13-16 Add metal and classical to that list
17 Add soundtrack, jazz, alternative and electronica to that list

My music tastes are really anything, I'm not that into rap or hip hop but I like "trip hop" and some of trickys stuff.

It's important to have varied tastes, it adds oh so much more spice to your music.
20 Apr 2011 03:37 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jul 2009
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-13 = Maintream Pop/70's Disco & Funk/80's Mainstream/Michael Jackson

14 - 17 = Anything rock/guitar related,i was a guitar freak,shred,neoclassical,progressive stuff,gutiars faster than the speed of light,oh yeah i learned a lot,later i became more and more open to a LOT of styles,most of them except punk and indie rock

17 - 19 = I started getting into production,electronic dance music,Psytrance,met BIG names in the scene,and from now on my life is with EDM,of course is a complement to my guitar and rock base.
20 Apr 2011 06:57 | Quote
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Birth - 7: Lots of oldies like the Beatles, which was primarily what my family listened to.
7 - 10: I started copying my older brother and listening to GNR, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, etc. My first ever tape was Poison's Open Up and Say, Ahh. lol
10 - 11: A little bit of everything. I think I had about 4 Garth Brooks tapes, Snoop and Dre, and Gin Blossoms. Weird, I know.
11 - 16: I listened to the grunge scene primarily, mixing in other rock like Smashing Pumpkins (to this day, Siamese Dream remains my favorite album of all-time and it is still played frequently on my iPod and computer), and throwing in some metal and West Coast rap. I still enjoy some West Coast rap now and then, though not too often really.
16 - 18: It was probably 60% hard rap, 20% metal, and 20% grunge at this point. My car was even nicknamed by my friends the "rapwagon".
18 - 23: I went to school at the University of Tennessee (suck it Gators, Tide, and Bulldogs) and my range of music was broadened to a lot of southern rock at this point. Great music. I still listened to early 90s rock and a little rap between 18 and 19, but the rap started fading away at this point.
23 - 25: I primarily liked hard rock and metal at this point.
25 - current: I started expanding my horizons significantly. I'd say in particular I really enjoy indie/folk music, jazz, and I still love some grunge, I think I always will. Still occasionally listen to metal as well, when the mood hits.

I'd say some of my favorite bands to listen to right now to give you an idea of my musical taste would be: Biffy Clyro (lots of emotion there in the vocals imo), Death Cab for Cutie, Dinosaur Jr, Down, Killswtch Engage, Minus the Bear, A Perfect Circle, Pinback, The Reign of Kindo (Thanks JustJeff, never thought I'd see a band on here I love to listen to so damned much!), and Soundgarden.
21 Apr 2011 15:06 | Quote
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infancy - lullabies
childhood - I was on heavy metal thunder
then... blues, blues, blues, blues and some blues
around 16-18 I found 70's psychedelic rock.
then I trance got my attention
doh well... logic result of that I started to get on groove... and some jazz (smooth jazz mainly)
then I found Yello, which shook my brains up and down and over...
something was on there... but then youtube...
reveals the rest... browsing all kind of stuff, sick, easy, boring, progressive, classic... all is there... with interesting variations... I think I swallow in there to mass of everything. Forever.

...this is quite extraordinary way to post anything... I should go to sleep...
21 Apr 2011 15:16 | Quote
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MoshZilla1016 says:
Just 2 categories LIKE and DON"T LIKE.


If its got a groove I can dig. I've always been like that, and probably always will be like that.

Rock on!
21 Apr 2011 22:45 | Quote
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i started guitar when i was 12, i didnt listen to music much so i asked my friend and he directed me to system of a down, disturbed and slipknot, three years later they are my favorite bands, and i can give or take the heavyness of rock but it all swims around the idea of 90's and new mellienuim metal
16 Oct 2012 08:03 | Quote
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When I was in middle school I loved Gansta rap. Espicially Eazy-E and NWA. Then my taste changed to Rock N Roll, and once I made the move there, I started to listening a lot more things like Blue Grass, a lot of instrumental music. I still Love to listen to a guitarist just kill it. There is nothing else like the sound of that a guitar in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

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