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Empirism Karma (35)


Who Why Date
wiliamfretthe earth needs more from his kind, +106.01.2013
thatguitarguywatershed for the win!04.27.2012
Walkwithmeu cool bro02.11.2012
V3N0M3333being active on the forum :)07.07.2011
neomass1glorious giant killer chicken - I hope this works.06.03.2011
gshredder2112zen guitar,dude02.13.2011
AlexBAlways has the best RE:'s to my posts,awesome music and awesome guy,karma is here!!01.24.2011
luthierNice lesson.01.05.2011
btimmAn all-around good guy who has a load of good input in the forums.09.13.2010
nullnaughtYour the first to give me karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!08.02.2010
MoshZilla1016For my first Karma and some good words.07.27.2010
macandkangaFor turning me on to literals!06.28.2010
Guitarslinger124Can't believe I waited so long! Long live those who rock! Which you surely do my friend.06.14.2010
GuitarGeorgeWelcomed me to this site through giving me karma direct after I had reached my 20 posts. Now that's what I call a kind guy! Also he's from northern europe, a fact that would deserve a karma all by itself.03.01.2010
nater2way cool guy and very easy going, just what we need more of02.13.2010
DarkRiffOne of the few people who always tries to give a positive comment12.22.2009
Nightmarea guy who solved my karma Zero problem XD . Emp is a really great guy with good answers. I mean no one dislikes him, u just cant11.10.2009
MiciI should have done this long ago. LOL! For being one of the nicest guys around and always coming with good advice and constructive feedback. Very helpful! Also, he's Finnish and I like Scandinavians a lot. Cheers! ;)10.30.2009
fender_benderHa! I karma'd you back! You give good advice and your songs are unique and interesting! Like a breath of fresh air!10.16.2009
case211I can't believe I haven't given you karma yet! haha anyways, Emp is one cool guy, and can really rip on a guitar. He helped me out with some stuff regarding guitar and playing in general a while ago. Well, cheers mate!10.06.2009
HeatherAn all around nice guy. Plus his songs and awesoome blues brain deserve some karma!07.19.2009
AdmiralThe living proof of what Finland can offer! haha. He always helps and uhh, excellent taste of music! Stay tuned!06.17.2009
shredguitar17Always friendly, and encourages and been here for a while! Keep shreddin right back at ya emp!04.08.2009
leagueEMP gives great and sincere advice. Rock on buddy!03.15.2009
jcb3000Very knowledgable. Also ever since i've been here, i've always thought your profile picture made you look alot like Jason Newstead!03.14.2009
guitarmastergodawsome guy. helped me with my chord progression01.24.2009
PhipAlways helpful, a true "Rocker" with class01.23.2009
RAdid the one of the best lesson on here01.22.2009
brodyxhollowYou called me a bard haha. Awesome.01.12.2009
JazzMaverickA great guy, keen on learning and an awesome friend.11.09.2008
blackholesunLikes Porcupine Tree. Period07.21.2008
foogeredGood job answering my question.07.11.2008
goodtunesthanx for the heads up about Comodo fire wall06.30.2008
SkoldAwesome dude06.26.2008
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