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Joined: way back
United States
Lessons: 2
Karma: 10
Name: Cheech
Surname: And Chong
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Country: United States
City: San Diego
Experience (years): 7
Profile views: 10225
Posts: 1278

Instruments Played:

Guitar (Stratocaster), Jackson Kelly, Jackson DXMG, Jackson 7 String Classical Guitar. Bass

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

MEGADETH, Iron Maiden,Sacred Reich, Violator, Sodom, Manowar, Scorpions, Santana, Eagles, Soundgarden ,Fastball, AC/DC, Heroes Del Silencio, NOFX, Tierra Santa, Mago de Oz, Black Sabbath ,Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains,Johnny Cash,Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wargasm, Xentrix, really old Metallica, Black Flag, The Adicts, and Danny Elfman. Some Metal,Blues,and some classical like Albeniz played by Segovia. I'm also into some folk music or world music.


Picked up guitar at age 14 and began learning basic theory at 15.Loved alternative and prog rock as a kid.Then I got into Grunge.Then a small gremlin revealed to me the world of Heavy Metal.Then I found Megadeth and proper metal. I love THRASH METAL.

My OLD band

My NEW OLD band

Currently working on life

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