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luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts!01.04.2011
nullnaughti'm giving you karma for changeing to punk.12.17.2010
JazzMavericklol @ Soy's karma. Anyway, you're great and know how to have a good time. Soon your fingers will be but a flaming blur of awesome.08.12.2009
soy.el.checause, man u rock, and weve got the same blood geez... cause youve been to tenochtitlan(pace with big pyramids n so i have. n so an amazing guitarrist. and besides he'll karma back.. lol.. n we got phipped together.... same as nutter. lol.06.03.2009
PhipA Santana fan and great guy! Europa=5 stars05.30.2009
HeatherPETOG! i'll remember that and laugh during my next guitar fight :P05.28.2009
EmpirismOh well... what the hell... how it can be that I forgot to add some karma our Jimmy Page... And darn he can play some cool riffs. Cheers!01.31.2009
GuitarBoy666Yeah. What ironman said ;p06.27.2008
Nutter166Good advice, bang on the money =D06.18.2008
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