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AlexB Karma (23)


Who Why Date
thatguitarguyhe posted periphery. he's now part of the league of extraordinary djentalmen.07.16.2011
Ozzfan486Extremely talented, kickass playing, and a great overall taste in music. totally deserving of karma.07.16.2011
V3N0M3333idk y i didnt do this already...well deserved karma for you my friend07.09.2011
joedelbucohemondFor being an ****07.08.2011
DanielMFor great production skill and advice. And to contradict your profile: I listen to the Mexican!05.23.2011
Phipoozing with talent. You will go far Alex. Good haircut too! :)01.19.2011
gshredder2112for being a A+ shredder01.14.2011
Admiral1. For being awesum! 2. For coming out of the same country as Jimena Navarrete - God bless Mexico!01.05.2011
luthierNice song dude.01.05.2011
neomass1"Man,psychedelic is not just old hippies with guitars and LSD you know." - AlexB. True that, I fully and whole heartedly feel the same way.12.22.2010
btimmNot sure why I didn't give karma before. Alex, you play the guitar very well and with heart and soul. You also turned me on to some cool music, like Infected Muchroom. Keep it up man!12.22.2010
nullnaughtGreat taste in music09.14.2010
MoshZilla1016Shred....Need I Say More?09.07.2010
DarkRiffI never gave you any Karma, What? You absolutely deserve it06.07.2010
Guitarslinger124Honest, humble, talented and willing to share with others. Rock on dude.02.20.2010
fender_benderYou are the best player I've seen on this site so far. You are truely great! so have a karma 1up!10.21.2009
HeatherThanks for the advice, it 's made me think more into things. Plus, I got the time to check out your music, and, just WOW. Awesome player!10.19.2009
case211You definitely helped me out with my playing and composing :D Keep rocking out man, who knows you may just be seen on the billboard 200 someday. Thanks for the help and encouragement :)10.10.2009
nater2you are awesome10.08.2009
carlsnowBeen meaning to up your Karma ... nice smoth playing, and a great attitude: yer a good'un!!!10.01.2009
JazzMaverickYou're amazingly versitile, logical, funny and just plain awesome. Hope to meet you one day!08.02.2009
soy.el.cheparte de la raza. awebo! por los mexicanos, qe algun dia siguiendo el sueño de AMLO conquistaremos al mundo... jaajajaj. somos la raza mas chida07.20.2009
EmpirismMust to say glad to have you here. So talented player who is nice and active since he joined. Ozric Tentacles rules ok? xD07.15.2009
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