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Profile: carlsnow

Joined: 29 Apr 2009
United States
Lessons: 2
Karma: 23
Name: Carl
Surname: Snow
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Country: United States
City: Knoxville
Experience (years): 40
Profile views: 12681
Posts: 668

Instruments Played:

"Baby" - 1953 'Baby' Martin w/ Fishman Platinum installed - Gibson "Greeny" cut away Ac/Elec - Godin Lgx Special Edition (3 outs = 1/4 Git, 1/4 Pizzio(sp?), 15-pin Midi for Roland GR-33+other synths .. (its my "studio gig" guitar .. Fender Tele w/ Dimarzio Hotrails (always set on Neck position) - 1972(or so) Fender Mustang given to me 20+ years ago by my late dear-friend and teacher/mentor - Dan Electro Baritone Guitar (UN-modded), Fender Precision Fretless Bass - Fender P Fretted bass - Upright(painted like a Zebra) Piano, Knox-made Upright (aka 'stand up ') Bass, Kentucky Mandolin, Yamaha (love this gal) CS1X synth that is kinda a hybrid analog + digital thang - a Roland 1080 (Brain) which i control with either the CS1x or a Roland PC-300 "controller";
i use one/both at times when adorning "Mersh-work" with Propellerheads Reason and/or Acid, FLStudioPro, and such .. all slaved to Cubase .. etc (used to do a lot of TV stuff sooooo) - OH! and a pile of Lee Oscar and Marine Band Harps(harmonicas) ..
wont go into the outboards or pedalboard stuff but to say i STILL have the old (pimped w/ 64 bit chip) Lexicon JamMan Rackmout and it still amazes me. a few Fav stomps = MXR Comp - Boss DD6 DelayS - Boss Blues Driver - Marshall Tremalo/vibrato - Bespeco (ye, Bespeco. really!) volume and an old oruiginal (74 i think) Cry Baby Wah Wah...

okay ... muh head hurts now

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

this could take days if not months but i have 15 min till a student so i'll start :
Bowie, Beatles, XTC, Nick Lowe, Paul Gilbert, Elvis Costello, Bill Frissel, Kinks, FZ, Peter Gabriel, ALL, Joan Armatrading, Thelonious Monk , Mingus, Miles, 'Trane, Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, Yes (pre-80's), King Crimson, MDC, Gang Of Four, Mission Of Burma , Last Exit, James Blood Ulmer, Mike Stern, Paul Simon, Stones/KEEF! , Descendants, X, Steve Hackett, Satch, Dylan,
..... gawd my hands h u r t ......

more later


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