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nullnaughtYour my age for one. And I like your music. And your advice is great.07.19.2010
deefaDamn good teacher. An asset to the site!06.27.2010
DarkRiffYou have many words of wisdom06.01.2010
ChicagoMedicgood videos, stripped down, gritty and heartfelt music. Good ** brother, keep it up.05.28.2010
MistalukeKarma for being funny and making great music!05.21.2010
telecraterKick ass videos05.12.2010
btimmI can't believe I didn't give you karma before!! You are very helpful and friendly and I always look forward to seeing your comments on threads. Thanks for the great advice!! You rawk!!04.15.2010
AdmiralI don't think i need to justify this at all! haha. Stay tuned!03.21.2010
GuitarGeorgeHe's a real pro, gives the greatest (and longest) advices AND he likes swedish music!03.01.2010
NightmareNow that guy just Rocks.. guitar master, guitar genius, inspiring etc. hes just an awesome fella11.10.2009
nater2he definetly one of the better gutiar players on this site and always gives good advice10.29.2009
DamienMan this guys a Genuis, if you wanna know something, ask him, he deserves every Karma he gets and should be famous or something. Thanks for the help you give us all here dude, without you we would all be screwed!10.18.2009
Gill555great guitarest and is funny.10.01.2009
MiciHe seems to be a pro that worked his ass off to get where he is. He gives great advice and he's also funny. LOL!09.25.2009
guitarmastergodYou look like you're more of a metal head in your pic lol. You also give great advice.09.11.2009
HeatherSure, his posts are funny and he knows his stuff aout music and is a pro, but none of that I feel is the best reason for a karma. This is for the reason that nobody else noticed, he has a very good taste in chairs.08.16.2009
JazzMaverickYou're a wise and colourful pro! Very inspiring! Also a great new collectable for the "OAPs" on AGC! :-D haha Kudos!08.11.2009
RAturns out i' m not the only one whos gone insane :) thanks08.01.2009
Nutter166Talented, Wise and Funny, it's like another Phip :)07.29.2009
case211Cool dude, and very helpful posts with, just what Empirism said, mature touch :)07.23.2009
Guitarslinger124Like your style dude.07.09.2009
EmpirismHumorous and mature posts, glad to have you here m8. Cheers!06.27.2009
PhipBecause the man has Talent....funny dude too06.24.2009
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