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Profile: Mistaluke

Joined: 23 Mar 2010
Karma: 11
Name: Luke =]
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Experience (years): 5
Profile views: 6207
Posts: 255

Instruments Played:

Acoustic guitar, Eletric guitar, I own a Keyboard and drumset also.

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

I've been here since March 2010 I believe So much people have been here longer but yet I feel like I've been here Forever xD
Imagine what the people who have been here much longer than me feel like.

Acoustic - Squire
Electric - Fender.....
2nd Electric - Gibson SG

and the newest member of the family
11/06/10 UKULELE!! =]


Name: Luke
Raised In Florida Moved to Houston Tx
Planning on joining up with friends at school and forming a Christian Band
Other hobbies include: Frequently Traveling back in time with my
time machine Finding Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin franklin Finding the declaration of independence Saying the German National Anthem and burning the declaration of Independence =]
Birthday = October 3rd 1996

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