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Mistaluke Karma (11)


Who Why Date
gshredder2112returnn da favor03.18.2011
MoshZilla1016This is a little late but back at ya!!!02.02.2011
baseballer02For always offering feedback on my songs!12.15.2010
nullnaughtYou have good taste10.18.2010
EMB5490For the kind words! :)08.06.2010
EmpirismVery keen on learning and all around nice dude. Stay tuned, Cheers!07.11.2010
MuseFanLol gotta love Muse and for that reason my friend you deserve some karma :P06.03.2010
PhipGood Grief! The first 3 Karma this guy gets is from the only 3 "active" females on the forum! Who is this guy, Brad Pitt? That's gotta be some sort of record and deserves Karma. Leave some for us will ya!05.21.2010
HeatherCoz he believes I'm a chicken :D And - he's from TEXAS! I freaking love Texas that's worth a karma!05.18.2010
LedZeppRox13Tom Petty is awesome! :O HAHAHA. :)05.13.2010
JazzMaverickCool gamer cat =D Another cool dude to join the legendary "lol cats" DPs!05.12.2010
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