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Domigan_Lefty Karma (8)


Who Why Date
gshredder2112he's got a wah profile pic,and he dont take no $hit04.04.2011
macandkangaHe's a cool dude and contributes a lot to the site. And for fighting off those jacka$$es!04.04.2011
EmpirismShould really done this a long ago man... Cool inputs to forum with real punk attitude, been here ages... Cheers m8.01.16.2011
neomass1"Are we Americans this dumb and influential that everything must sound the same, and that a poser is better than the real thing?" I know how you feel.12.24.2010
tinyskateboardI like your solo's are random comment. It makes the theory crazed people cringe, but improvization is the essence of fun music.09.22.2010
nullnaughteager to learn09.11.2010
PhipThis Karma is so that you won't be killed off at the end of the year! lol It's a "get out of forum hell" karma!05.12.2010
Heatherwoop 1st karma! :) He has a real nice epi and although I said I hated him for it he still deserves some karma.11.12.2009
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