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DarkRiff Karma (12)


Who Why Date
Walkwithmeadvice on the Epiphone SG. i got it. and i lovee it :D02.24.2012
TANCLAWSfor liking great music...09.12.2011
MoshZilla10162 words.....AQUALUNG SOLO. Always has been/will be a favorite.09.05.2011
harleyofdoomfor showcasing consistently badass riffs in a manner that befits a true rocker; I award thee 1 Karma point06.19.2011
gshredder2112cool,helpful,and a great avatar.!04.13.2011
luthierSeems like a cool guy. Likes some cool music...01.12.2011
EMB5490way too little karma for this cool cat09.09.2010
nullnaughtFor not being a republican. Thanks08.27.2010
case211Fantastic guitarist! Keep rockin' dude!04.01.2010
Phipwould like to give this guy 10 karma's for the collaboration with Emperism. WOW!02.18.2010
EmpirismIndeed Skillful guitarist. His chops and accuracy is top series. Cheers m8.02.10.2010
Guitarslinger124Perhaps a bit late. Excellent guitar player. Keep up the great work. Best of luck in the future. Rock on dude!11.23.2009
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