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tinyskateboardBecause you're the only other guitar builder here (that I know of).04.01.2011
btimmFor the Q&A thread, that was a great idea!02.28.2011
gshredder2112interview thread=epicness02.27.2011
case211pretty nice dude, and has come up with some really good threads :D02.19.2011
fender_benderYou won't karma me and get away with it! Cool guy. We both know our toasts thats for sure!01.21.2011
Phipnew members are always welcome, especially those who contribute.01.20.2011
EmpirismYeah man, cool inputs to the forum, active and nice dude.. darn I wish to have skill to have own guitar modification projects, well... worth for one karma or two... Cheers m8.01.16.2011
MoshZilla1016The 3 word game. Great thread!!!01.10.2011
nullnaughtYouv'e added a lot to this forum lately01.05.2011
leaguehey why not?! I always karma back01.04.2011
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