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JustJeff Karma (21)


Who Why Date
thatguitarguyfor the awesome chord challenge. cool idea dude.11.30.2011
V3N0M3333awesome guitarist07.11.2011
Guitarslinger124Ahah! I thought I did but I didn't! Well, here is for the bright idea! And ofcourse for the excellent tunes and proper posting. Rock on dude.06.12.2011
HeatherSpam. But yeah - Jeff is just cool as spam anyway. Karma spam.04.30.2011
luthierDude, I wish I could play half that good. Have some karma.04.19.2011
gshredder2112For being jeff,and a damn fine guitar player.04.17.2011
tinyskateboardYou should have more karma than the average bear.04.04.2011
MoshZilla1016For the tunes you have shared.10.10.2010
nullnaughtA great guitarplayer and a hell of a guy.09.05.2010
Duffbeacuse he helped me :)08.30.2010
btimmA helpful dude on the forums, deserves some good karma03.15.2010
case211The guy is crazy smart! and he's a damn fine guitarist! looking forward to another track soon :)02.25.2010
macandkangaFor explaining what a major 7th is in a simple way!02.10.2010
carlsnowYA N A I L E D that Git -Heroe post. (best of show)01.13.2010
ReinhardtI like your Style and your always willing to give feedback! +112.15.2009
JazzMaverickI can't understand why you don't have more karma, nor why I haven't given you one earlier! You're true talent and I'm honored to know you! Best of luck to you Jeff!08.01.2009
AdmiralWalking library of music theory! haha. Thanks for explaining the things about modes06.17.2009
PhipI like your playing style Jeff. Hope to hear a lot more in the future!06.16.2009
HeavyGuitarVery good at explaning things:)02.16.2009
Empirismhe just have an ability to explain things clearly.10.18.2008
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