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Heather Karma (19)


Who Why Date
nullnaught!!!!!!!!JOHNNY CASH!!!!!!!!10.30.2010
MistalukeHaha Nice chicken!!! O:05.17.2010
nater2we need more girls that play guitar, keep rockin02.13.2010
shredguitar17Awesome person, we have the same tastes in art, and a reliable and deep person. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON! LIFES A GARDEN...DIG IT!!!!01.21.2010
NightmareNice gurl.. or should I say chicken?11.10.2009
Domigan_LeftyGreat person. Great sense of humor10.31.2009
fender_benderkarma me will ya! What, you think I wouldn't notice! Think again! ;) You're awesome, funny and just an all around good person. I'd look into getting that last name changed though ;)10.30.2009
case211With a last name of SteedDefender(it should be CHICKENDefender! lol) you need karma and plus a point in Badassery! lol I must say that I do love chicken though... especially with alfedo sauce... mmmm... lol jk Keep Rocking Chick! Your way cool!10.09.2009
MiciI already wrote somehting that exceeded the max. number of characters so this time I'll just say she ROCKS, plus she liked Glasvegas. :P XD!09.25.2009
carlsnowHeather has amazingly wonderful taste in chairs ...;~)08.17.2009
EmpirismShe is fantastic. And now she found the blues which is worth of zillion of Karma :) Stay tuned.07.15.2009
leagueOk, she's sympathetic to the cause PETOG. If only chicken wasn't so good I'd join her hippie caravan.06.03.2009
Phipa karma for my fine feathered friend! It's good to have a country fan in town.03.06.2009
JazzMaverickKeep smiling and we can keep the music alive! :D You're a cool gal, so I hope you do really well in life.02.07.2009
Sylver710Thanks for your input on that lick i posted :)12.22.2008
BodomBeachTerrorFINGER LICKIN GOOOOOD12.22.2008
Dyl4Nthis karma goes for the coolest chicken around the forums and all over the net (still dont surprass the evil penguin :P)11.09.2008
EMB5490i dont like chicken....but ur o.k. lol09.17.2008
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