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deefa Karma (8)


Who Why Date
matt8675Good comment about "bedroom rocker" a while ago.02.10.2012
nullnaughtyou taught me something09.10.2010
MoshZilla1016For willing to rid me of the DEMON GUITAR ; )08.09.2010
PhipDeefa, Have a big heaping helping of karma with your jello my friend! Long overdue06.15.2010
NotimFor being deffa and a good person01.03.2010
Guitarslinger124Long over due. Awesome dude.12.19.2009
Ozzfan486Very cool dude. Always wise and quite kind as well.11.13.2009
EmpirismNo karma? wtf, our Old Ox should have some. Cheers!01.23.2009
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