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Guitarslinger124 Karma (38)


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macandkangaBecause I never gave you Karma! Why? Great dude with lots of knowledge and experience. Always has something useful and positive to say03.18.2013
pxmthanx for xplaining06.16.2012
WalkwithmeThanks man02.11.2012
matt8675Really goes out of his way to post really good explanations on topics. thanks!10.14.2011
JustJeffThanks for keeping up the artist page. It's a huge help!!! Still gotta get it stickied though...08.06.2011
Ozzfan486Returning some karma here. Why? Two words: BAD ASS.06.25.2011
V3N0M3333for being the best on AGC forum06.21.2011
gshredder2112he explained triads too me what a swell dude02.12.2011
luthierCool lessons01.05.2011
neomass1Really help full. You got a question I bet he'll has an answer. His lessons are have all the basics, with some really interesting new things that I didn't even think about.12.22.2010
nullnaughtgreat composer09.11.2010
Dufffor great lessons /// cheers :)08.28.2010
AdmiralThis is for helping me many times. And for being a good guy! rock on08.15.2010
MoshZilla1016Skepsis!!!!!!!! I'm still amazed...and for listening to my lick.07.27.2010
NightmareThe guy who can explain Grace Notes!05.22.2010
MistalukeAwesome guy who makes great music!05.21.2010
LedZeppRox13Thanks again. :)05.09.2010
michaelcollinsyour lessons have helped alot!04.21.2010
carlsnowGreat Modal lesson man. and thanks again for serving this great nation!03.03.2010
HeatherJust noticed I've never given you a karma! Well you're a skilled guitarist, post good tips, advice and lessons so here ya go.02.21.2010
nater2glad to have you serving us02.13.2010
btimmReally helpful poster02.09.2010
DarkRiffGood advice giver12.18.2009
fender_benderThank you so much for your service! You lived in cherry hill? I stayed in the hilton there when visiting philly. Philly gets a bad rap, but we enjoyed it.10.21.2009
case211pretty cool guy, and he's been pretty helpful. I hope you make it out of there ok.10.14.2009
PhipThe man can play in two languages! and a decent guy too.05.12.2009
shredguitar17Awesome lesson!03.25.2009
JazzMaverickYou're cool, and I believe you have great potential, so I hope you keep at it. Plus I hope to Jam with you sometime!02.07.2009
guitarmastergodseems like a nice guy.... heres to you01.09.2009
leagueLessons are awesome.01.03.2009
NotimGreat guitar player09.07.2008
les_paulGreat passion for guitar and music.08.22.2008
ironman91313Thank you for Serving.07.27.2008
blackholesunHas been an excellent contributor to this site, and will be sorely missed. Come back soon!07.27.2008
EmpirismSpent hours browsing his lessons, great job man.07.15.2008
EMB5490u seem to know ur stuff, and have helped me a lot with theroy, here u go.07.02.2008
goodtunesanyone that can play that fast has paid his dues.06.29.2008
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