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nullnaught Karma (22)


Who Why Date
BrandiQuiksilverinsane xD01.18.2012
devilchildHave some Karma11.04.2011
Guitarslinger124Just looked at your profile... Chuckled a bit.07.24.2011
btimmdidn't know I hadn't done this yet. +1 karma for a guy who is very active and adds to the quality of the forum community.04.14.2011
AlexBCool Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooo03.24.2011
macandkangaFor being a helpful, passionate and friendly guy!02.16.2011
DarkRiffSeems like a cool guy and has some awesome profile pics.02.13.2011
PhipGreat vids in your profile! I never heard some of those. A beatles song I never heard deserves Karma01.18.2011
gshredder2112for posting sweet country licks01.14.2011
HeatherWhat can I say?? She has AWESOME taste in music! ;-)01.09.2011
luthierFor posting a swell beatles video.01.05.2011
neomass1pink floyd bike backwards, I wont be the same anymore...F$%8 that was good.12.22.2010
AdmiralMay this karma let you overtake me, haha. Very active member on here, always supportive and a great taste of music! You deserve this very much!12.22.2010
leagueif he has this much karma in a few months then its for good reason ; plus good taste in music12.17.2010
shreadhead96thanks for helping me get into jazz!10.24.2010
thatguitarguyi always had a great respect for theory guitarists.10.11.2010
tinyskateboardNice Backing Track Site09.08.2010
EMB5490Posting a pink floyd link.09.07.2010
Dufftahnks for the suport :)09.07.2010
case211Dude definitely wants to learn! I love seeing that in players ;) stay hungry for learning man, never let that go, it will take you places :)09.05.2010
MoshZilla1016Definitely the good questions!08.02.2010
Empirism+1 karma for active dude since joining, keen on learning with good questions that surely helped others too. Cheers!07.28.2010
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