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DanielMGood advice and a great taste in music.09.23.2011
thatguitarguy"I'm a metal head \m/ I just never got into the current scene, not much that enticed me about it." well said09.23.2011
joedelbucohemondfor living in the desert.07.09.2011
neomass1Without the "Sex and Drugs", rock n' roll just ain't the same mate... I hope you didn't take that seriously XD.06.02.2011
DarkRiffI haven't given you karma yet? Well then this is a bit overdue. Nice fro05.23.2011
AdmiralWrites amazing music! Keep up your attitude towards music. Let this karma show you how much i respect you as a member on this site!09.11.2010
EMB5490Only one to comment on mysong :) and idk why i havent given jarma... im a bad boy09.09.2010
MoshZilla1016Has something most people overlook, LEARNING TO LEARN, and he's a better pirate than Jack Sparrow. Hats off to the new Captain!!!! : D09.04.2010
nullnaughtA very nice person.09.04.2010
GuitarJoeanyone inspired by sunny in philedelphia to title a song deserves massive karma!08.25.2010
Guitarslinger124Just an emphisis on what Empirism said. Excellent contributor to this site.06.14.2010
ChicagoMedic! good luck bro05.29.2010
MistalukeCongrats with completeing highschool! ( Im still not out of middel school -.-)05.14.2010
shredguitar17Probably the craziest mofo I know on the site...hard to read, easy to give...LIFES A GARDEN...DIG IT!!!01.21.2010
vincejonesiiihes a cool guy and likes the music i like :D01.06.2010
NightmareI didnt't know that he mention Jimmy Page, but both ways heres a karma for a great guy making his way to the top. plus we have same squire :P11.10.2009
fender_benderCase is a nice guy and the first person that really talked to me on here. Hope your wisdom teeth holes heal soon! lol.10.16.2009
HeatherHaha! He's a nice funny guy really, even if he does eat my people, he's still friggin awesome! - Heather CHICKENDefender ;)10.09.2009
Ozzfan486Haha. Just checked my karma thing man. And right back atcha! If everyones wondering "back at what?", I'll tell ya. case here is also a very cool guy with loads of the potential. I wish ya the best man! - Ozz10.04.2009
MiciWell, apparently Phip gave you karma points for mention Jimmy Page, and well, since you've mentioned him, here's one from me, too. You say George Harrison and you'll get another one. :P09.17.2009
Phipthe kid mentions Jimmy Page.......bingo......instant karma!08.17.2009
carlsnowyer a good'un , as we say down here, keep playing, keep searchin' and always...ALWAYS--- RAWK!08.17.2009
EmpirismNice dude, mature touch on posts and hungry for learning things. Cheers!03.20.2009
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