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MoshZilla1016 Karma (16)


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btimmReally? I haven't given karma yet? Fixing that issue right now...06.15.2013
WalkwithmeFor having the sickest guitar lol xD02.13.2012
DarkRiffMaybe this is a bit overdue for an active member such as yourself.09.04.2011
tinyskateboardMore Karma!06.06.2011
gshredder2112theory MAST-ah,very knowledgable,and funny too,A+04.09.2011
harleyofdooma mysterious creature indeed, some say his eyebrows are made entirely of titanium. there are rumors that he once raised a litter of cyborg kittens which now do his bidding.02.11.2011
PhipFigured out the whole embed mystery. What a guy! (freaking geek!) LOL Thanks!01.20.2011
luthierFor having the coolest bc rich model ever made.01.05.2011
MistalukeThis guy deserves every bit of karma. He's really helpful when it comes to solving guitar problems.12.04.2010
JazzMaverickVery cool guy, up for trying new things and has an open mind to many styles. Much respect to you!09.06.2010
case211Pretty cool dude, and his Jazz attempt was pretty amazing :D I also like to watch my black and white cartoons xD haha08.31.2010
macandkangaCool dude with a great sense of humor!08.24.2010
AdmiralThanks for the Lesson on modal harmonies and furthermore you quoted M.I.A. as one of your favourite solos! For 48 you are pretty cool! haha08.11.2010
Guitarslinger124You like Steely Dan! You are a pretty rockin' member here on AGC and you aren't afraid to voice your opinions. Plus I think you like chromatics as much as I do!08.04.2010
nullnaughtfor being you08.01.2010
EmpirismEven maybe modest, but still knowledgeable man with good touch of humour on posts. Btw... your bio sounds pretty familiar ;), Cheers! Nice have you here man07.26.2010
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