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thatguitarguy"It's only potentially a bad thing if you allow it to be that way."03.28.2013
MoshZilla1016Possibly the most level headed,kindest guy on the forum. Has a great desire to learn all he can. ALWAYS has a kind word. I can't believe I have not done this months ago. Keep up the pursute for jazz and all the other styles will seem easy. \m/06.05.2011
harleyofdoomFor sage wisdom and musicality in the face of adversity I award thee one mystical Karma point.06.01.2011
gshredder2112For always giving me something to do and think about,and he's a pretty cool guy,glad to have ya around bro.05.06.2011
Guitarslinger124Shoulda done this a while ago. Great guy and he loves hockey like I do.04.08.2011
tinyskateboardHockey Fan04.08.2011
neomass1"people are not trying to make you feel weird or bad for asking a question and are only trying to help you. I believe that sincerely. Thanks." your alright man, it means a lot to someone like me who is has to deal with peopel who are not alw03.19.2011
AdmiralI respect you very much for 2 reasons: 1. you dedication for learning music theory. 2. Your dedication for your family. It's good to have such people like you on the forum! Best Regards03.04.2011
macandkangaRight back at ya BTIMM! Here's a little bit-o Karma for Christmas for ya!12.22.2010
ChicagoMedicfellow pumpkins fan, thumbs up sir!10.13.2010
case211Really nice guy and always has an honest opinion which I value very much ;) Keep playing man, you will be surprised when you can rip one morning without thinking about it haha09.05.2010
nullnaughtYou help others out.09.01.2010
JazzMaverickYou are indeed a nice guy, and I have a lot of respect for you. Your passion for music will take you places! Keep that attitude alive! =D08.29.2010
Mistalukefrom what i can tell he seems like a nice guy!05.21.2010
Phipthe "new guy" plays because he has a "need" to and that's cool04.11.2010
EmpirismActive dude who is keen on learning and all-around nice guy, Cheers! Nice to have you here02.13.2010
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