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macandkanga Karma (21)


Who Why Date
GuitarGeorgeHondo II06.24.2012
matt8675Good thourough response to most topics.10.14.2011
DanielMThe user joke on the drug thread and being a good egg10.05.2011
thatguitarguySymphony X rocks06.09.2011
V3N0M3333because chuck norris roundhouse kicked me and told me to05.31.2011
gshredder2112awsome dude,smart,refined taste in music,all around badass!03.30.2011
neomass1"I was feeling weak and decided to punch myself in the ballz instead. Ahhh...I feel better now." wow... what ever makes you feel good.03.19.2011
Guitarslinger124One of the more solid members. I like your posts too. Rock on.03.04.2011
Domigan_LeftyNice one02.15.2011
luthierFor having a dog avatar.01.04.2011
btimmA good guy with a passion for music and the guitar. Here's some karma!12.22.2010
DarkRiffSeems like a cool guy.11.09.2010
EMB5490FLOWER POWER09.07.2010
nullnaughtThanks for your feedback on my youtube post of yardbirds doing dazed and confused. I loved that version.09.01.2010
future_god_of_the_axethanks for helping me out!08.09.2010
MoshZilla1016I'll give Karma to anyone that will laugh with me (DEATH METAL FAKE VIDEOS RULE)07.28.2010
PhipMac&Cheese, I didn't give you a Karma long ago? What the hell is WRONG with me? You get two puppies and I'll punish myself alter. Good humor and similar tastes in music, you deserve this!05.13.2010
JazzMaverickI can't understand why you don't have more karma! Awesome guy with a great sense of humour.06.16.2009
EmpirismTrue music lover, great to have you here. Cheers!03.12.2009
soy.el.chea hylarious guy, lots of experience in life... giant marshmallow and no pillow, that was a good one.. ok. u rock02.19.2009
telecraterfor sharing umphrey's mcgee11.06.2008
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