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gshredder2112 Karma (22)


Who Why Date
wiliamfretFor inspiring me to learn more about guitar , thanks man04.23.2012
BrandiQuiksilverawesomesauce x)01.18.2012
joedelbucohemondTHANK YOU07.08.2011
DarkRiffYou like cool music.06.20.2011
matt8675Gives good asvice to questions. Rock on!!06.12.2011
Domigan_LeftyKeep forgetting to do this...05.29.2011
V3N0M3333for your dedication to guitar05.29.2011
case211Has made some meaningful posts recently that really show his discipline and dedication to music. Here you go dude.05.26.2011
btimmGreat guy who adds to the community and gets people thinking! Continue to learn and your music will take you far.05.07.2011
EMB5490Becoming real active in the forum. kudos04.16.2011
macandkangaDude's got skills! Also a well rounded taste in music for a youngin.04.07.2011
MoshZilla1016For giving me something new to think about everyday04.06.2011
tinyskateboardYou value animals.04.05.2011
GuitarGeorgehahaha, you revealed the dirty secret of my username...03.30.2011
neomass1"you know what ill show off if i damn well please" you sure told, I wasn't trying to offend anyone.03.19.2011
GuitarJoeFor hooking my up with some cool exercises. Thanks!03.06.2011
Heather1.Crap/rap made me LOL 2. He also wants to play banjo 3. COUNTRY! 4. Anime! :D02.20.2011
EmpirismHes active and nice dude around, well worth karma or two, Cheers m8.02.13.2011
luthierBetcha can't play this; Pretty cool topic that is my friend.01.13.2011
MistalukeI've seen him around a bit and he's an awesome guy! :) He deserves this karma!12.19.2010
nullnaughtFor likeing country rock guitar12.14.2010
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