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BodomBeachTerror Karma (25)


Who Why Date
colemanfor turning me on to titus andronicus01.19.2011
MoshZilla1016Anyone that likes a variety of music like BBT deserves Karma. Pretty cool dude.01.08.2011
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts!01.04.2011
tinyskateboardPeople get too uptight when you say theory is not the key to making a great song..Misfits are a perfect example.10.08.2010
nullnaughtyou like the beatles.09.04.2010
macandkangaFor helping me find info on an old guitar and being an overall cool dude! Merci!08.30.2010
DuffBecause of his future blues band08.27.2010
AlexBOne word: Heisasupercoolmuthafunkafullofgreatideasandissuchaniceperson06.23.2010
DarkRiffYou have talent.06.02.2010
MiciA very nice thats's there to help one guitarist. I also just listened to his song (Another day...) that proved he's not not just a kid with a thing for metal but one awesome guy that thinks like a musician.04.13.2010
carlsnowFor outstanding growth in musical spirituality and down right RAWK!-ness...(yer gonna be FIERCE if you "stay the course" , BBT !)11.18.2009
NightmareCanadian, Metallian, he owns a schecter and a jackson.. what more awesome things do you want?11.10.2009
PhipTurns out he's a pretty nice guy! Who'd a thunk?11.06.2009
fender_benderYou are just cool. Very friendly and likeable. And he's heard of FIF! Let's go to Canada! Let's Leave today!10.26.2009
case211he bares an uncanny resemblance to a friend of mine from sophomore year... strage... anyways, Rock on Dude! You've helped me develop my playing by giving some suggestions and what not, so you deserve this10.10.2009
Guitarslinger124I like the motivation to better your playing and that you aren't afraid to show us what you got. Rock on dude.05.25.2009
EmpirismHe loves Finnish metal ^_^, Cheers! m8 Laiho rocks!03.12.2009
HeatherI feel like giving some karma, plus he's pretty cool (for a chicken eater!)03.05.2009
guitarmastergodhes like the only other canadian on here... lol01.29.2009
ironman91313Commits in Illegal activities, AND he likes MEGADETH!!06.21.2008
ThePusherYou have long hair06.17.2008
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