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JazzMaverick Karma (47)


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djohnsonThanks for posting the lesson on singing tips. Singing is always the toughest part for me.10.16.2012
AymenAwesome drawings06.25.2012
thatguitarguyfor the kick a$$ guilty gear post08.08.2011
gshredder2112heres some get well karma01.30.2011
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts! And for having an awesome avatar.01.04.2011
btimmI was only withholding karma to give Phip the edge! Here is some well-deserved karma now.09.13.2010
GreenHornI gave a promise to Jazzy that would give her karma and I keep my word. 1up for you. =309.06.2010
DuffA great person :)08.28.2010
MoshZilla1016For great lessons. The mentor I'll probably never meet.07.27.2010
nullnaughtyour a good moderater07.18.2010
DarkRiffjust felt like giving someone some karma05.17.2010
ChicagoMedicoh yea05.13.2010
Mistalukehaha congrats :) beating phip05.12.2010
michaelcollinsthanks for all the help04.20.2010
GuitarGeorgeThank you for great lessons and licks!03.01.2010
nater2awesome player and always gives great advice02.13.2010
shredguitar17Do I even need to say why jazzy is the best? Besides your fresh taste in music, you are all around nice and abundant in humblity. You are a recreation of all things wonderful in this world, LIFES A GARDEN...DIG IT!!!01.21.2010
fender_benderMerry Christmas! You said you'd like a karma point so here it is! I don't know you very well, but you know loads of theory so that needs a karma in itself!12.21.2009
Nightmaregreat lessons and a smart person11.10.2009
Gill555helped improve my singing with her leson10.07.2009
AlexBKarma For The really warm welcome when i got here! Karma For The Awesome Feedback on my music when i arrived! For the Never Ending Support Given in this Time,and For being an Awesome Musician,But mostly for being an Awesome Friend,Thanks!10.04.2009
ReinhardtI like you legendary warrior kitty ^_^10.01.2009
MiciLooks like you're quite open minded when it comes to music and I like it how you're always giving someone a hand when something doesn't fit right.09.25.2009
vincejonesiiiyou cool cus you like mah fro and i hope you return the favor ! :-)09.16.2009
DamienVery Helpful And Has A Sense Of Humour Whih Is Always Good:)09.05.2009
Afro_RavenKinda feel stupid giving this to you now, seeing as it feels long overdue. I'm half tempted to take it back - in fact...09.02.2009
leaguehaha No way im slapping myself for not giving Karma sooner. Jazz is the queen(or princess, dont wanna anger about the age thing) of this site.08.17.2009
harleyofdoomJazz is going to go far. keep up that insatiable thirst for knowledge and keep sharing that knowledge with anyone and every who will listen. kudos and karma to you08.03.2009
God91125Great friend and person to talk to, and she gave me some great singing advise which really helped ^^ thank you(soon I'll be over 9000 XD)07.27.2009
case211just a cool girl...and who else could have their profile pic be a cat with war paint and a mohawk?07.01.2009
CrunchWow, surprised I haven't done this earlier! Great taste, abundant knowledge, and just plain cool.04.21.2009
shreadhead96ur cool and hot(yes im 12 and desprate)04.15.2009
macandkangaFor helping me with my theory lesson!02.23.2009
TaylorYou give a lot of help to every user who asks for it, well appreciated!01.25.2009
brodyxhollowThe Copyright lesson was great!01.11.2009
Guitarslinger124Honest critique....greatly appreciated01.07.2009
soy.el.che... good lessons. oh wise n powerful jazz i beg for u to share ur knowledge w the rest of the world. lol you wise builder of computers.. seroulsly, u rock. u know lots bout music, it seems. and from phips part, i cant write his thoughts, but he`ll tell u12.09.2008
Ozzfan486Basically what 'Ol Diamond Phip said haha.12.07.2008
guitarmastergodgreat musician, helpful lessons and licks11.30.2008
LittlewingVery knowledgeable musician :)11.26.2008
Dyl4NPunk Kitty rocks...and she is very intelligent and funny when needed( am i forgoting sexy??? :P)...so u deserve a karma!!!11.09.2008
TheAmericanBritI've never spoken with a smart brit before!10.18.2008
Nutter166Well done for 'Phipping' Phip =]09.26.2008
HeatherYou one of the most helpful and smart people here, thanks for sharing your knowlege!09.25.2008
EmpirismIncredible lessons. Highly recomended!! Thanks and hugs... Now im bit closer to understand modes.09.24.2008
PhipThink I just made a new friend, a very SMART new friend! Thanks Jazzy for what I am about to learn!09.12.2008
EMB5490thnx for the lesson and email, big help.09.04.2008
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