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Your first Guitar .....

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27 Aug 2010 09:25 | Quote
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Guys tell me the story of your first GUITAR :D
27 Aug 2010 09:55 | Quote
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my first guitar, this is quite a story

However i will start with backround info

Probably 3 or 4 years ago...

In a jewish community such as the one i live in, when a boy turns 13 and has the proper jewish training they are considered to be a man after a bar mitzvah. This was very common, i was bar mitzvahed many of my friends have been also. However something very commen about them is a huge 4 or 5 hour party after. I thought of them as bull* but decided to go to this one for whatever reason.

Anyway it was fun, normal for where i live (which is appaling for anywhere else...machines where u go in a box and money...real money, flys around u and you grab as much as u can in 30 secs... Dance parties, waxing, video game stations... Real true bull*. and only from people who have so much money they dont know what to do it... I think he also had fireworks... i refused to do this when i was 13, i thought it was embarresing, and knew that we couldnt afford something like this. a normal bar mitzvah around here can run as cheap as a few grand which would be a small party, to a few hundread grand, in this case i would lean towards a few hundread, they rented out a golf club for 6 hours +...) ANYWAY... At the barmitzvah they do a candle lighting, and just before we all left the kid did a giveaway of 5 guitars, 1 pink, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 red, and 1 yellow, all strat style. So he called everyone over (id say about 100 or 200 kids) and said most people would stuff their friends names and only pick their friends to win it, but he said he wouldnt do that, i didnt believe it, and i wasnt friends with him so it didnt really matter... Anyway i never win anything. While he was rotating the wheel to choose the person my bestfriend at the time was liek "elliott your gonna win i know it" and of course my response was :youve got to be kidding me i never win anything theres like 200 people here..."

Anyway first name is called, ironically a close friend of his and i turn to my friend and say "SEEEE" and hes like watch your gonna win. He rotates again and takes a name and calls "Elliott!" and i didnt react at first then in all excitement get up snatch the white guitar from the wall and run back gazing at this white piece of awesomeness... Anyway as the night went on, i also learned that he gave us an amp! so i go home and leave it there, for about 7 or 8 months, then in february when i was 14 i picked it up finally, decided i wanted to play, By that time the guitar got literally unplayable, so after about 3 months i decided to buy my blue guitar for about 250$... and the rest is history, i played i learned, i was taught, found this site, etc etc etc...

I think its a cool story of fate. Almost like i was meant to get the guitar...

Im curious about some of yours now! hellova bar mitzvah gift... Free guitar amp cable and engraved pick... pretty cool... The guitar now resides at my friends house when i doubt he plays it...
27 Aug 2010 10:08 | Quote
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mines not that exciting... one day i heard Black Dog on the radio by Led Zeppelin (You guys probably saw that coming) and i said "Woah mom! what song is this and who is it by?" and she told me and then the next day i said "I wanna learn how to play the electric guitar" so in a couple days we went down to a music store and i got a black strat and a really cheap amp and yeah thats pretty much it... :P
27 Aug 2010 10:44 | Quote
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I fell in love with an amazing guitar melody, we got married and then 9 months later I gave birth to a beautiful little Encore... *sniff* such a touching story!
27 Aug 2010 11:15 | Quote
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My first guitar was a 3/4 size Japanese 70's guitar like a tiesco with a bunch of switches and sliders. I didn't know how to play it, so after trying a little and deciding i had no idea what to do with it, I took the strings off and put some thick wires on instead of strings. Then I attached it to my drumset and used one stick to fret and the other to hit the strings. I ran it through a gate with some ring modulation and it became something other than a guitar at that point.

Jump foward 15 years and my first kid was on the way. The wife and I were hanging with her mother and I mentioned that I wanted to learn to play guitar by the time the baby was born so I could distract him from my lullaby singing voice with the accompaniment of the guitar. She filed that info away and got her old guitar out of the closet and took it to a shop to get cleaned up and strung. Then on my birthday she gave it to me along with some books and a gift certificate for lessons. It had been her aim to try to play when she was a Girl Scout leader in the 70's, but she never really figured it out. So I ended up with a pretty great sounding little OOO size slotted peghead 12 fret Alvarez acoustic parlor guitar.
27 Aug 2010 11:30 | Quote
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I had a 1965 Fender Stratocaster sunburst, with Bill Lawrence pickups, my dad gave it to me. he used to play with it in the 80s (he's disabled now). But one 17 Dec. 2007 it was stolen. someone broke in our house, and took my PSP and my guitar (nothing else). I know who did it, but it's one of things were all you have is your word. like for example, the man who I think took the guitar and PSP knew my Xbox 360 was broke so he didn't take it. he also said he had to pick up "prescriptions" and he took over an hour. He'll get his though...one day.
27 Aug 2010 11:30 | Quote
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I had always played my brothers strat and didnt need my own but then a kid down the street found a Telecaster in his garage that his dad left when his folks got divorced. I told him I wanted it but he said he wanted my skateboard! It was about 1977 or 1978 and I had an Alva deck with Alva wheels and Tracker trucks. I used to skate at a park in Buena Park Ca called Skatopia. I loved this board but had to have that guitar. I made the deal and have been playing ever since.

I ended up replacing parts on that guitar so much that I had enough to put it back together again and sell it!
27 Aug 2010 11:45 | Quote
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lets see hmm
It was the Friday before Christmas at my g-mas house and my uncle who plays guitar had left this guitar magazine and i thought it might be fun to look inside and see what all i could see.
so later that night My grandpa comes by and asks which one would you prefer an acoustic or electric (I said acoustic thinking it was electric btw) And so he goes by and like most grandpa's they jump hmph so he walked away and then later my grandma comes by and says "Your grandpa tells me you want an acoustic guitar?" and i said something among the lines of "Nah I was just browsing" then that Christmas they surprised me with an acoustic guitar (Squire) and with free lessons
so I went to the guitar lessons for about a month and learned basically frets and a few chords so i put it down for a month or two then picked it back up and played a bit and had my uncle teach me a few things and my other uncle teach me a bit (he plays live shows so he says) then i would never put it down i was hooked :p
And like a year later i found this site
hope all that made sense.
27 Aug 2010 12:15 | Quote
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Tinyscateboard, that guitar is epic. i want one haha.

umm, I was looking around on the internet for the right guitar for me. I found a Jackson RRJS30 on ebay, and I bought it.

But i guess thats not really my first guitar, thats the first one I bought. So my dad plays guitar, so did my older brothers. so there was always guitars around for me to play. the end
27 Aug 2010 14:49 | Quote
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one day my dad saw a cheap ripoff brand with an amp (peavey) and picked it up, since i had past experience with musical instruments.
He gave it to my brother since i play lefty. he bought a Fender (also righty) and i learned upside down. Then my first lefty, the Epi LP... It was my birthday and we stopped at guitar center... idk why.
27 Aug 2010 15:03 | Quote
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My dad bought me my first guitar when i was six ... beetween the age of 6 - 15 I didn't give a *** about playing the guitar althought i knew some chords like C , D , A , Am ...
28 Aug 2010 17:34 | Quote
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I was 16 and i just moved in with my dad. It was a bc rich. It was eventually stolen. Sad story.
30 Aug 2010 11:06 | Quote
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my first guitar was a cheap washburn acustic guitar that i got at a walmart. i didnt care how much it was. i was just glad to have it. i believe i was 12.

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