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gshredder2112Talented player,and hes got the most posts(for now) (;06.03.2011
thatguitarguyfor a sweet pink floyd cover02.11.2011
ChicagoMedicthanks for putting me onto floyd @ Pompeii....amazing! I've DL'ed the entire thing01.21.2011
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts!01.04.2011
DarkRiffYou might not think your that great of a slide player, but you're better than me...by far09.10.2010
nullnaughtsome of the things you say are really wise.09.05.2010
DuffBeacuse of his love for Pink Floyd :)08.28.2010
MoshZilla1016For the info.08.02.2010
harleyofdoomsaid my vocals sound jim morrisonish :) ...Karma +107.28.2010
EmpirismThis is incredible, how it can be that I totally missed your karma point, one of the coolest dude in the block, total sound freak with vast pool of talent. Cheers man!07.14.2010
macandkangaI'm impressed by your musical knowledge of artists in all categories, new and old, as well as your knowledge of the guitar. Especially for a guy your age!07.11.2010
Guitarslinger124Ambitious, though sometimes biting a bit more than you can chew. Your whole hearted attitude and unwaivering mindset, will get you places in the industry. Don't let an opinion stand in your way!06.14.2010
MistalukeKarma for loving R.E.O speedwagon and for loving 80's music! :p05.21.2010
vincejonesiiiin hopes of joining me in the fight against phip.... and he can skitar.. :j02.23.2010
MiciOn hell of a dude. He's 5'6 tall and can ski while playing ten times better than I play sitting on my ass. Keep on Rocking!02.23.2010
carlsnowthe video... o' good Lawd! exellent SnowPlaying, man! (+ i like many of yer posts and have kept meaning tp 'karma' you ;~) RAWK!!!02.21.2010
nater2great guy. alwyas gives smart advice02.13.2010
JazzMaverickYou're cool, and have a great energy about you. Best of luck!06.16.2009
CrunchWatched the battle of the bands video, great playing!04.21.2009
shreadhead96hes cool04.14.2009
case211he helped me figure out the Rhoads tone. Keep Rocking man!04.02.2009
Taylorgave me a clearer picture about amps. thanks again!02.21.2009
future_god_of_the_axecool guy.12.09.2008
Ozzfan486This is out of mourning. He blew himself up while trying to fix his Marshall.....Rest In Peace little buddy.12.06.2008
shredguitar17just felt like giving some karma.11.29.2008
HeatherWE WANT RULES!09.14.2008
les_paulgreat improvement in your playing, your gonna be great!08.28.2008
Notimtabed one of my tunes came pretty close08.22.2008
PhipAll in all he's a great guy (for a Yankees fan)! Plays a pretty good guitar too.........07.10.2008
foogeredTerrorist Guitar07.02.2008
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