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tinyskateboard Karma (11)


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Walkwithmesharin the sick instrumental loop band thing03.15.2012
DarkRiffFuturama Avatar09.02.2011
Guitarslinger124FInally someone did what I've been wanting to do! Rock on bro.06.29.2011
MoshZilla1016Things to do today; play guitar....play guitar...play some more...give Karma to deserving musicians...play guitar.........etc.06.06.2011
Domigan_LeftyWhy not?05.29.2011
btimmPretty cool forum member!04.12.2011
luthierDude, I never gave you karma? Here, you deserve it. :D03.22.2011
gshredder2112for liking japanimation01.19.2011
case211"edguy" hahahahahahahaha you definitely deserve this ;)12.07.2010
EmpirismIntroduced Seasick steve on his post, OH MAN!! I love it, thanks, I wish I could give 10 karma for that haha, Cheers!10.02.2010
nullnaught1st------------- karma09.05.2010
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