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LedZeppRox13 Karma (11)


Who Why Date
gshredder2112for the warm welcome i got when i joined02.12.2011
MoshZilla1016For loving music that I loved when I was your age...INSTANT KARMA.02.02.2011
PhipAnybody who learns a Beatles tune is more than OK in my book (on sale everywhere!)02.02.2011
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts! And for liking Led Zep.01.04.2011
EmpirismVery promising guitarist, keen on learning and im sure she put her goal high enough to hit to spot. Nice to have here, Cheers!12.24.2010
macandkangaFor being a supreme Zeppelin fan!11.30.2010
EMB5490For the wicked site... And jimmy Page... YEah id say mostly for Page09.25.2010
case211She's pretty cool, and has a yearning to learn that I love to see in guitarists/musicians :D08.31.2010
nullnaughtFor - being - obsessed - with - Jimmy - Page.08.26.2010
Mistalukelol led zeppelin is awesome! O:05.12.2010
MiciAny Led Zeppelin fan has got my vote. XD!05.02.2010
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