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Carl Snow - Live In The Fishbowl

9 May 2010 10:48 | Quote
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Hey Y’all !

I haven’t posted a Video in a Looong Time so I figured, since I gotta new CD coming out and an older one that’s now a FREE Mp3 or Flac download from the label (or my site) , it’d be fun to say, hey! Its me, Carl, that old guy on AGC playing live on 11 O’clock Rock (RAWK! Lol) a fav TV/Web-stream of mine.
So here are two lil examples of: “what that old guy does”

Great thanks to our very own Phipster for the editing of the whole show (yes! there’s more!…for better or worse) into neat little song-section, no Phip, no Videos.

Hope ya enjoy these… had a blast on the show.


This was recorded in "The Fishbowl" during the show 11 O'clock Rock, its a really odd spot to perform in as the audience is all outside this large round glass tv/www-stream studio downtown (hence Fishbowl) very odd and surrealistically fun place)

'One Of Them'

'Ugly Houses'

9 May 2010 10:59 | Quote
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very cool! raw voice, rasphy too!
9 May 2010 11:34 | Quote
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Pretty cool man. Can't say I really dug the vocals on the first track, but the composition was pretty sweet, I had some metal riffs swinging through my head while I was listening.
The second track, I would definitely listen to again if I didn't have to leave for work. Both tracks were pretty mainstream, maybe a bit much for me. I totally dug the 90's flare though!

Rock on!
9 May 2010 13:14 | Quote
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I'm a fan.

I can definitely dig the singer songwriter deal. It sounds so organic. I'm getting a kind of "no rain" vibe from Ugly Houses. (bee girl ftw)

9 May 2010 13:41 | Quote
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I watched these in sociology one day haha, that was a much better use of my time XD
9 May 2010 14:07 | Quote
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Man, what a phrasing. I really dig how you treat beats on playing, where to strike and where to hold on... brilliant.

110% in the mayhem all the time with cool lyrics and I had a feeling of situation where someone tells you a stuff and you dont doubt a single word.. that is actually very rare in these days.

does that mug on the table contain whiskey? haha, great job.
9 May 2010 14:54 | Quote
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I really like "Ugly Houses". Good stuff man.
9 May 2010 15:56 | Quote
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i really dig this man
9 May 2010 22:25 | Quote
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Very good! I not only liked the songs but the heart you put into performing them. You really felt the music, and that is really cool!
10 May 2010 07:39 | Quote
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Thanks for the kind words y’all! I have always enjoyed doing those off the cuff(aka- no set-list) solo/acoustic shows whether it be on stage, radio, tv, or the back porch, as stripping tunes down to their core feels much like returning to their birthplaces or something. The feeling is much different than when the band is behind me; …it’s far more immediate and intimate.
Funny statistic (looking up at posts) = Ugly Houses ‘beating’ One Of Them in the ‘polls’ as the latter of the two (One of...) is my #1 requested tune lol, and Ugly Houses is always ‘just making’ the set-list. Interesting and cool to read folks diggin’ the far less played (no less felt) of the two … I’ll have to knock the band on the head with those results.
It was strange playing that show THAT day, we(scene) had lost a dear friend of ours (Shannon, great performer)) to Cancer, and as I played, my old friend (and drummer) Rodney’s Mother was dying in a hospital bed , of the same thing. A sad day and a happy day, a day of release, and a date I almost canceled(glad I didn’t).

Anyways.. Like I said: Thanks for the kind words – they mean a lot :)


10 May 2010 18:55 | Quote
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After listening to these songs so many times (and the others to come) I find myself reflecting on how relaxed Carl is and how he makes it look so “easy” to get up in front of an audience and play without making all the mistakes someone like myself would make. It would take a bucket of Valium to get me up there! I guess I can relate to “One of Them” better than some members because of my age and perhaps that is why this song might be my favorite of the two. The lyrics on “Ugly Houses” are terrific and had me cracking up! The MOST fun I had while watching these videos was watching Carl “work” that guitar. Subtle bends and strumming techniques are fascinating to observe and learn from. I would also agree with Bilbo that the “honesty” of the songs is unmistakable. I like both of these songs a lot and I've had a sneak preview of the other songs from that performance. I know the background story of the week before Carl recorded these songs and I can tell you that the emotional content in the songs is not accidental or contrived. I hope that Carl is going to post the other songs for us from that day because there is one that always leaves me silent for a few moments when it ends. The depth of the lyrics and performance chokes me up every time I watch it.
Great job Carl!
11 May 2010 10:58 | Quote
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WOW Steve... what a nice and (I know cause I know ya!) heartfelt reply!(Actually made me blush in front of Cin, lol)
Thanks for such a nice post (and of course for the video editing)!

Now, to answer a few questions and observations (+ a few emailed-Q’s :) and you and others have asked and/or made:

1st off; as Phip had asked/”hoped” I WILL be posting the other 3 tunes (one was cut short during the credits as I “played the show out”) here on AGC and YouTube. The three being: ‘Hey Now!’, ‘Fool’, and ‘Papier-Mache’ (for T)’

As for ‘honesty’ in song? … I don’t write ‘fiction’ lol … simple as that.
I find that I express myself (band or solo) best when writing about my life in a very honest and unfiltered manner, singing about something that has not impacted me on a personal level seems disingenuous to me, at best (but that’s just me).
Which brings me to oft asked (this was sent via email) of ‘why so many sad/etc lyrics’ Carl?
My honest answer would be this: when I am ‘happy’ I don’t want to stop (the happiness) to write a song about it + stylistically I seem to fall in with those writers (lyric based as I am) who pen ‘confessionals’ and the like … the “darker matter(s)” if ya will. This is not an INTENTION but rather the vehicle that my Muse travels as the song WRITES ME.
And again, I just can’t sing it if I aint lived it … BUT YES I do write a few ‘happy songs” now and again, usually due to looking at my wife and thinking “God, I am one lucky man” (the sad song alter-ego = ‘honey, I screwed-up ...Again, LOL *see ‘Fool’). Sometimes these “happy songs” are a form of ‘pep-talk’ from me to my soul (‘Hey Now!’) or an observation that life will go on.

I received another email from an AGC member asking re: “getting so ‘into’ it” while playing. YUP! I am very, very guilty of being carried away most of the time and would not have it any other way … its just my nature to be that way.

No .. lol .. No whisky (quit drinking awhile back) in the cup (coffee actually) Empirism … and no valium needed Phip, it looks easy cause I have done what you see on video for over 30 years now, lol, TIME and a thousand+ clubs and venues kinda numb you to any form of ‘nerves’ + I like to mess with the audience and stuff. (Odd thing about that show’s fishbowl is that you are separated by sound-proof glass and the ‘outside’ hears you through the outer sound system)

Thanks for the “strumming and timing” type compliments. Again these are just O L D habits becoming a ‘style’ - there was a period in the early 80’s when I became disillusioned with the local/regional scene (+ just off tour w/ band) and vowed to play nothing BUT Solo Acoustic shows around the region; with no drummer to keep time I became more and more ‘percussive’ and aggressive with my strumming and timing so my audience would not get bored by monotonous “rhythms” .. I also like to emphasize/underline the LYRIC/vocal half of the tune …so my style was born out of necessity, and is very different than the approach I use in the band.

Thanks again y’all!


11 May 2010 12:05 | Quote
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i really liked the music, but i liked that reply better ^
11 May 2010 14:54 | Quote
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Carl! Truly sorry for the slow reply! I haven't been on in quite a while. I've been listening to these tracks over and over; I have to say... KUDOS! I seriously love your music and you have a terrific passion in your playing. I really enjoyed listening to these as did my Uni class (along with a fair few teachers). They all thoroughly enjoyed it and are staying tuned for more videos. :D

I'd say Ugly Houses was definitely my favourite, I've sent this to a fair few of my friends who dream of playing in a similar style and they're very inspired!
12 May 2010 19:12 | Quote
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Carl, like everything I've seen and heard of or yours just outstanding. I'm standing at my desk giving your standing ovation.

You play those songs like you have just come off tour and you've been playing for years. In other words...like a seasoned pro.

I really liked 'one of them' more because of the potential I hear in the song. I see it more of a band song and can really see you tearing it up on one of your tele's. You did an excellent job on this song I just think some tunes are just made to have a backing band. On the other hand 'Ugly Houses' is well fit to be played solo in the old singer songwriter fashion. I think it's also a little bit more of a pop'ier song.

As always thanks for sharing and keep RAWK'n RAWL'n

12 May 2010 23:22 | Quote
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Really digging "One of Them". btw, your voice at first listen very much reminded me of Tom Waits, which is pretty much awesome.
13 May 2010 10:09 | Quote
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@ btimmTom Waits!? :) ... your my new bestest friend! ( I Love Tom Waits!) wanna sing like Tom? (lol) Play/Tour constantly for decades, screaming into Mics that smell like stale deli-trays, hahaha.

Seriously, …Thanks man!

telecrater says:
I really liked 'one of them' more because of the potential I hear in the song. I see it more of a band song and can really see you tearing it up on one of your tele's. You did an excellent job on this song I just think some tunes are just made to have a backing band.
(My 'bold')

1st -- Thanks for the "Atta-Boy", Bro!
(And when am I gonna catch ya "on" again (lol) been too long)
RE: your above quote...
IT IS a ‘band tune’ and does change (as you can imagine) a bit from the ‘Solo Version(s)’ but seem to go over quite well in “older person” venues and/or clubs, likely due to the subject matter(s) and such. Still we DO rock this one out, If you want to hear a band version hit my website (www.carlsnow.com) or the CDs-label-site (www.lynnpoint.com) and grab the (free now!) CD, ‘Useless’, it was ‘born’ on 3 or 4 years back . My site has the mp3, but the label allows you to download Wav (they know I detest mp3, lol and did me a favor or mp3 there

JazzMaverick says:
I've sent this to a fair few of my friends who dream of playing in a similar style and they're very inspired!

Thanks Jazzy!!

That was very nice of you to say! … I really dig the above statement as if I can inspire anyone to PLAY – WRITE – SING, in any fashion, I feel VERY happy. So (lol) ya must have some British, Tattooed, Git –Playin’ Biker-Rednecks over there? LOL!

But really.
That meant a LOT Jazzy … Hanx!

I will be putting Fishbowl PT II up, hopefully today, as Phip has edited Two more tunes from the show….

Thanks ALL

And remember


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