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Phip Karma (45)


Who Why Date
V3N0M3333congrats on becoming a mod dude......but the karma is just because your phip and ur AWESUMMMMM!!!!!!!!! \m/ (*o*) \m/07.09.2011
GuitarJoefor helping me find some very helpful .pdfs. thanks phip!03.03.2011
ChicagoMedicrise up!01.21.2011
luthierCool, funny guy. Glad to give you your 40th.01.18.2011
gshredder2112for being a product of the sixties01.14.2011
nullnaughtYour avatar is my favorite singer songwrtiter.09.18.2010
MoshZilla1016For being the first to welcome me when I didn't know if I was welcome.07.27.2010
macandkangaI given Jazz Karma before so I'm gonna give Phip a hit. Also, he deserves it!05.12.2010
MistalukeFeed the poor puppy D:05.12.2010
future_god_of_the_axei want a puppy! na, but seriously your cool Phip!05.12.2010
BodomBeachTerrorSuper helpful with song writing. Really funny too, I hope when I'm old I can be as good natured as this guy!04.14.2010
MiciI can't believe I still haven't given' you any Karma points although you keep spreading your awesomeness around all the time, Phipster.04.10.2010
btimmBecause it's Phip, not sure it needs much more of an explanation!!04.08.2010
Domigan_LeftyOmg did i seriously forget to give you one?03.07.2010
nater2fun to have all around02.13.2010
DarkRiffit's Phip, do I really need to explain why I'm giving him karma?02.04.2010
shredguitar17Cool profile pic, coolest "older" (Your 35 right?) person I know, nicest yet wittiest person on this site! ANYONE GOT BEEF WITH PHIP THEY GOT BEEF WITH ME!!! oh yeah...LIFES A GARDEN DIG IT!!!!01.21.2010
Nightmarean awesome-funny-phippy guy11.10.2009
DamienPretty Much The Master Who if You Disobey, You Get 'Phipped'09.05.2009
case211really cool guy, and has an awesome sense of humor! especially for his age! lol jk Here's one to the Phipster08.17.2009
Guitarslinger124I'm going to hire you as my lawyer.05.26.2009
vincejonesiiiAWESOME dude and he doesnt fail at life05.13.2009
leagueThis guy is too old to be that funny and good with computers!05.02.2009
shreadhead96hes cool smart and funny is a John Lennon Fan hes Phip04.14.2009
Tayloryou can relate amps to kitchen sinks and have everyone understand it. in my eyes thats a great accomplishment, and a great favor. thanks again02.22.2009
ironman91313Sgt. Phipers Lonely Hearts Club Band picture!02.13.2009
EmpirismWhy karma? Why not? Better late than never eh? :P01.23.2009
6StringEvilI now know the difference between a lick and a riff b'coz of him. Phip Forever \m/ !!!01.14.2009
Dyl4Ni just can describe u as the funiest gentleman i have ever known :)...ur comments are funny...but u know when u have to be serious...so desrve a karma for being a grown up man!!! rofl12.18.2008
jcb3000He likes white guitars too! Funny too. A double whammy!12.09.2008
soy.el.chelol.. that defines u, u rock.. still u might not be 2 young, but u have the spirit11.19.2008
Ozzfan486He's Just So Damn Awsome!!!!11.06.2008
les_paulJust an all around good guy.10.20.2008
sixtiesguyA natural comic who knows when it's time to get serious.Keep doing what you're doing Steve!10.06.2008
JazzMaverickBecause he's awesome, and knows how to make us laugh.09.09.2008
NotimI'm glad to be his lost son09.07.2008
foogeredYou put that druggy in his place!09.04.2008
HeatherAgain he's just funny, my dad's close to his age and he's just grumpy! Phip should get a medal for that08.29.2008
Nutter166Funny, knowledgeable and a all-round nice guy =]07.13.2008
EMB5490someone who makes me laugh a lot deserves a karma07.04.2008
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