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thatguitarguyfor enjoying my new lick of the week posts so much, here is some karma.08.10.2012
Guitarslinger124For coming back and bringing proper posting with you.11.29.2011
macandkangaJust wanted to give you some Karma. You seem like a cool dude!11.18.2011
MoshZilla1016Bands People Haven't Heard Of But Should(forum General Chat) Kanye visits AGF 22 Sep 2009 ....THAT IS FUNNY08.25.2010
nullnaughtFor your youtube videos.08.22.2010
carlsnowyer one hard workin' hoss, bubba! and as i know you know i know; i know ya RAWK!10.19.2009
HeatherThanks for reccomending thoe artists and songs! Good to have another country fan on the forum07.01.2009
PhipLoves to play, loves to help, how can you not like the guy!06.25.2009
AdmiralOver all a great guy! as empirism said, he gives a warm welcome to everyone! Stay tuned!06.17.2009
EmpirismAye, gave me a warm welcome to the site. Very cool guy with much of knowledge. Better late than never eh? :P01.23.2009
foogeredAnswered my question.07.02.2008
shredder101I hear Chris' (Family Guy) voice when i read your posts06.24.2008
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