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Darkriff feat Empirism covers Phantom of the opera

18 Feb 2010 05:44 | Quote
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Just to share this one, I think its first member collaboration published on this site... anyway, for me it was great practise. Thanks to Darkriff for an awesome job.

edit, if mods can move it to right section please :)
18 Feb 2010 06:32 | Quote
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BRAVO GENTLEMEN!!!! (standing ovation)
As far as i can tell it was spot on perfect. You guys put a big smile on the phipster's face this morning.
Ok, so tell us all how you guys put this together. Did you use a backing track? Who's singing (doesn't sound like Emp)? Who's playing the lead? Would like to hear the story behind this collaboration please!
Great job!
18 Feb 2010 06:36 | Quote
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Ditto from deefa! Excelent job fellas. Shame about Michael Crawfords voice though.The years can be so unkind.
18 Feb 2010 07:58 | Quote
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coolio dudes ... could i download this ?... PLS
18 Feb 2010 11:43 | Quote
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very well done, this is one of my favorite maiden tunes. good job gentlemen
18 Feb 2010 12:55 | Quote
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though i thoroughly dislike I-M's brand of metal, this is quite refreshingly well played and recorded.
(those vocals drive me bonkers ..but hey, can't please all the people all the time lol)

I echo Phip in that i'd like to know the scope of which, other than the drums, what instruments you guys played, what was sequenced or looped or was simple 'backing track', and where/how ya collaborated... -etc (AKA > 'LOGISTICS' ;~)

the second (1st middle) lead was nice and the others show someone improving their skills rapidly...Good Job!

18 Feb 2010 15:15 | Quote
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we did use a backing track I found somewhere (can't remember) had drums and bass on it.
I sang (I know it was not that great)
I did the solo's at 2:53 - 3:28 and 5:15 - 5:32, and Emp did the last solo.

and the story behind it was basically I did the vocals and 1 rhythm guitar then asked if somebody wanted to do a project, Emp replied yes, I did another rhythm and both my lead parts then sent it to him, he did his rhythm and lead and sent it back, I edited it, sent it back, and he posted it.

that's about it
18 Feb 2010 16:16 | Quote
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Pretty cool dudes!
20 Feb 2010 18:20 | Quote
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Wow. I'm very impressed. Really liked it all although I haven't heard the original song (or any other Iron Maiden song).
I saw you guys talking about it on the other thread but now I'm surprised it didn't take you guys any longer to finish it. Congratulations to the success. I'd be very happy if I was in your place. XD!
21 Feb 2010 06:57 | Quote
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Awesome! You guys really came together well on this. I enjoyed all the way through.
21 Feb 2010 10:09 | Quote
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0-0 Love this song and this is a very epic cover, gratz guys!
23 Feb 2010 10:40 | Quote
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Doh soz for the late post :P,

Yeah, about thats how it went how Darkriff mentioned. It was pretty cool to do it and Its freaky how much you can learn by recording one song :)

Yeah, I was little sick and I didnt had a job on that week, so I had little more time, but I was surprised myself too how soon it was ready. I was myself very happy with the result, though it was a HUGE challenge to me.

Thanks all for the feedbacks

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