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Mici Karma (9)


Who Why Date
neomass1from what is siad down below - I think you deserve this to.03.30.2011
nullnaughtyou deserve this10.10.2010
harleyofdoomhave one of these and keep on rockkin05.23.2010
PhipAny guy who can play guitar and do math (at the same time) should get 2 karma points! Quick, what's the square root of Am?04.11.2010
EmpirismOh yeah, another great dude that I totally forgot flood with karma point! Well, better late than never! Rox on dude!01.21.2010
case211He gave me karma because Phip did when I mentioned Jimmy Page... He's got the Man Jimi Hendrix as his avatar too, that's awesome in its own right. Well Rock on dude!10.09.2009
carlsnowAnyone who starts on a wood 'n' wire Acoutic gets my respect, Kudos, Suh! ~ Cs09.23.2009
HeatherI know this is a bit soon, but I enjoyed Glasvegas and Mici seems like a nice guy :] So he needs more karma!09.20.2009
soy.el.cheu rock11.19.2008
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