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vincejonesiii Karma (13)


Who Why Date
kerobecause he hasn't gotten Karma for his fro in 3 years xD01.02.2013
DarkRiffCan't believe I haven't given you karma for that Fro.09.02.2011
joedelbucohemondKiller hair07.08.2011
nullnaughtFor anyone who writes thier own music.09.10.2010
Guitarslinger124Your pretty effing rockin' man. Plus you're always positive. Rock on.05.09.2010
Phipanyone who can put the hair back on my head deserves plenty of karma and a damn good "phipping" too. sleep with the lights on Vince!02.23.2010
EmpirismGot his guitar back from imbesile teacher and showed the moron teacher the place of the cabinet!!01.21.2010
shredguitar17Just one badass mofo who keeps it so real, that he invented the real world...yeah I just said that...LIFES A GARDEN...DIG IT!!!01.21.2010
case211He's way cool :) Sweet Fro, cool guy, chill personality, plus, did I say fro? lol01.05.2010
Heatherlol now i'm amused by the fact i've just noticed the rest of his karma is also for his fro. his AWESOME fro! haha i'll just add that he's also a funny person09.22.2009
JazzMaverickNot just a fro - a kick ass fro! Plus you're the reincarnation of Afro Samurai! haha :D09.16.2009
Gill555because he has a fro09.16.2009
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