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My new Original!!

Band Promotion
30 Aug 2010 02:22 | Quote
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Hello everyone! i bring you this time! this is TOPANGA,my G A Y pop rock band! I composed this song for a local contest,while we all did the lyrics (meh...pro-goverment lyrics..but the prize is good!)

The deadline is tomorrow...so we recorded this in one day,almost everything is first take! i Played guitar,did some chorus sections,programmed stuff,mixed and did almost everything on this one!

Hope i can get some feedback from you guys!! both musical and mixing wise comments!!

I.F.E. by Alex Berserker
30 Aug 2010 02:31 | Quote
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Most definitely not my kind of thing, but it sounds well done! I would venture to say you got the pop sound you were going for.

Rock on!
30 Aug 2010 07:34 | Quote
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I feel like you could of brought the rhythm guitar up just a little bit in the beginning. I feel it's hard to find that initial groove that I always look for in a song, as it's masked behind so many other instruments and effects.

Other than that, it's an ok song. The only thing that completely stuck out to me was the horn melody that is played I guess before/after the chorus - Probably should of tried to implement this melodic idea in your lyrics, or in your solo, to really get that kind of a groove going.

Other than that... very professional composition and great work!
30 Aug 2010 09:04 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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IE IE IE IE! rrrrrribaaaa

I'm loving this tune, it's great man! Looks like you're really getting out there in the music world! I hope you put me in your "Thanks" section on your CD! ;) hahaha

Did you mix and master everything and were you playing guitar too?

Who's your singer?
30 Aug 2010 09:07 | Quote
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I wish i hadent gotten a "c" in spanish now..... I liked it! Sounds kinda like that upbeat spanish music they play on the radio, cept less corny.
31 Aug 2010 06:06 | Quote
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Damn! not bad man, sounds extremely professional and is very well done. but I would usually not listen to this kind of stuff xD haha Pretty awesome man ;)

And to reflect what Jazzy said...Don't forget about us! haha
31 Aug 2010 11:48 | Quote
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Sounds great. So is the key for getting this really clean vocal sound great mics?
31 Aug 2010 15:02 | Quote
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Dude is that your voice! o.O
1 Sep 2010 23:11 | Quote
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Hey! thanks a lot for your comments!

Yes,the mix is nowhere near good,guitars too low,voice needs a different reverb,whole track needs more bass and more presence of the brazilian percusion etc etc...i will fix it in the week! :)

Jeff,can you explain yourself more? im curious and i think i dont get what you said..

jazzy: yeah i did everything in a hurry...if i had more time..agh! anyways for the time i think is not that bad! haha,the singer is a friend of mine,we have TOPANGA as a project for contests

we only used one Mic for recording voice,a Shure Beta 58A,nothing fancy,we didn't have the time for getting more mics,so voice,acoustic guitars and choruses were recorded with this one!

I know most of us wont listen to this kinda stuff on a regular basis,but this track is destined to Mexican population,TV and Radio campaign,so if we win...massive exposure!
2 Sep 2010 00:58 | Quote
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"Viva Mexico!" This sentence in your song pretty well describes the recent electure of the new Miss Universe (She is from mexico)

The song is quite good, altough i get the impression that you were going to strongly for a popsong, even in the german radio this song would sound really pop-like. But I have to be quiet, i could never do anything like this. Besides that, the solo is really great! Some nice little lines in there.
2 Sep 2010 07:02 | Quote
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Haha you got the line man! Also,2010 is the year we "celebrate"(because we ain't got nothing to celebrate...this country sucks...) 200 years of our independence,and there is this big party feeling and stuff like that that the goverment wants to sell to us,and soooo,more mexican power = more chances of winining! Haha

Yes, i like my g a y pop band,in fact i want to record more songs with them...hopefully in a near future you will listen a topanga EP!


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