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Admiral Karma (12)


Who Why Date
PhipGreat sense of humor, excellent posts, dedicated musician. Take a cookie from the jar ;)03.04.2011
btimmHas a ton of music knowledge and it an all-around good guy.02.08.2011
AlexBFor being awesum!12.23.2010
MistalukeGreat guy and very smart when it comes to music.11.30.2010
MoshZilla1016Should have done this long ago!! Very knowledged and good advice.10.11.2010
case211Thanks for the Karma man, and massive kudos to you too man. You've definitely got massive amounts of awesome :) Keep it up dude!09.12.2010
nullnaughthelps others09.11.2010
Guitarslinger124Overdue. Expenses paid, valued member.08.12.2010
ReinhardtThis guy is so awesome, you just name a chord progression and he gives u a link to their music! Now how cool is that? ^_^ and he gives great advice!05.27.2010
MiciHe just wants to get better and better and better and isn't afraid to ask the proper questions. Also he's German and his user name is ADMIRAL. How cool is that?04.13.2010
carlsnowexelent left hand post!03.11.2010
EmpirismCool and knowledgeable dude, great to have you here. Cheers!06.14.2009
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