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Could you get rid of all your music for a while and start over?

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18 Sep 2010 12:46 | Quote
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I dont really understand the question.
18 Sep 2010 12:54 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Nor do I... :S
18 Sep 2010 13:21 | Quote
Joined: 09 Sep 2008
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i think what they are saying is stop playing and clear your mind of all musical knowledgge you have and start over to get a differnt style? or something
18 Sep 2010 13:25 | Quote
Joined: 09 Sep 2008
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nvm i think what he means is get rid of all the music you listen to. or that you create. idfk lol.
18 Sep 2010 15:25 | Quote
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why get rid of it and start over when you can add to it?
its a question that can be answered wit another question.
19 Sep 2010 09:49 | Quote
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Maybe they meant deleting all the music from our computers and throwing/giving away all CDs, tape cassettes, vinyls and such.
19 Sep 2010 12:08 | Quote
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I can do it easily, but I dont see any reason to it.
19 Sep 2010 16:17 | Quote
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maybe im interperting the questiong wrong, but i take it as, taking your musical knowledge and memory of songs away and starting all over with music as a music vigirin. Id love that. Theres nothing as great as hearing an amazing song for the first time and having no idea whats gonna come next and whats gonna happen. So i would do it. In addition i love to do things just to do them, in other words, I love being totally clueless in something and becoming educated and knowledgable. So yes i would.
19 Sep 2010 19:39 | Quote
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Give up my (classic and Alt.) Rock and Heavy Metal?
Yea right.
20 Sep 2010 07:12 | Quote
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One of the most fun things for me to do is to dig into an old music collection and find music I used to listen to a lot but have since stopped listening to them. It's exactly what I'm doing right now...

So get rid of my music? I wouldn't delete/throw it out... I'd probably just box it and put it aside for a few years until I find that I want to go back to it.
20 Sep 2010 12:30 | Quote
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Could you get rid of all your music for a while and start over?:

I've done that many times! Just not all the way rid of. I've even gone months before without listening to Led Zep. I haven't listened to 50's music or my Cure 12" remixes in years, but those records will surley be on the turntables sometime in the next few years.

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