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guitarmastergod Karma (8)


Who Why Date
case211For the massive amount of awesome links he shared here, and for also being a pretty chill dude01.23.2011
MoshZilla1016The Tetris Touch Song.....SWEET08.08.2010
Guitarslinger124Good vibes man. Good vibes. Rock on.06.06.2010
BodomBeachTerrorthe shredding dude who will play twice as fast as Rusty Cooley someday =p10.31.2009
AlexBYou rock Man! Loving your posts! haha! Rock on! Shred!!!10.16.2009
EmpirismHes so keen on learning, Nice to have you here m8.06.27.2009
telecraterThanks for the folk metal tips06.21.2009
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