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Carl Snow's - 'In Lieu Of Flowers ...' -For Henry Granju (R.I.P), a wonderful student and h

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Carl Snow's - 'In Lieu Of Flowers ...' -For Henry Granju (R.I.P), a wonderful student and human, who will be missed greatly

Carl Snow's - 'In Lieu Of Flowers ...' -For Henry Granju (R.I.P)

In lieu of flowers’…

‘In lieu of flowers’…
Please bring mercy
Failing mercy
Bring some love
In lieu of hatred…
Born of vengeance
Please bring light
Let it rain from above
There aint no making sense of this
Not with any words I know
But I’ll remember innocence
And try to love better in its glow
‘The family requests…
Please don’t wear black’
Yeah, please don’t wear black
There’s enough darkness around
In lieu of mourning…
Hold your children warmly
Hold one of them for me
I got no kids of my own
Yeah, but I’ll remember Henry
…and the big guitar
And no
There aint no making sense of this
Not with any words I know
But I’ll remember innocence
And try to love better in its glow
So In lieu of flowers..
Please bring mercy
Failing mercy
Bring some love…..

Henry was a student of mine for a few of what seem now to be the very brief years of his young life. Henry broke away from lessons to write, I liked that, I still do. What I don’t like, what fills me with sadness and anger is that he died last week at the age of 18 from an assault with a tire-iron (3 “men”) at a drug-buy gone terribly bad, and the resulting ingestion, prompted by “friends” of Methadone.
Henry seemed to be getting better at one point , even held his guitar up for a picture, but his body simply could not handle all the trauma it was dealt, and so, Henry Granju, guitarist, writer, and friend to many died this (or last … my head is still spinning) week.

When I stopped crying one day this weekend I picked up the old martin and wrote a song for him, his family, and all those who have known the loss of a loved one to drugs and/or violence. I wrote it in 6 minutes or so but could not sing through it all the way for many a ‘take’. I did not want to record this ‘as usual’ and so I placed my largest Mic on the spot where my students sit, and sang to it. In some unfathomable way (God imo) I tossed the pick down and sang to Henry as if he were that mic, as if he still sat there on Saturday afternoons, and I made it through without sobbing; it aint perfect but it is real, and I’ll not record it again.

I fought myself all morning, knowing I was going to post this and links to his story, about whether or not to ‘preach’ at , well, everyone, I guess about the incredible dangers of doing street-drugs. I’m sure you’ve all heard that before though so I will spare you, adding this:
Henry will be among the 20-plus friends I have buried, due to drugs/violence, in the last 44 years … that’s far too many people, and all but 2 of them were musicians/crew. I could have easily been one of them many times in my Teens and 20’s (and early-early 30’s).

A memorial College fund was set-up to honor Henry and the public has been kind, downloading the tune (and seeing the memorial link) at the rate of 1,200 a day. So yes there IS kindness and mercy and grace in this sometimes roc-hard world.

No donations here, needed. I know most of you are young, so in Lieu of donations, I’d lke to ask all on AGC to take a minute, just ONE, empty you head and think how horrid this world would be were it not for your being alive.

Rest in Piece Henry…
Carl Snow

Henrys Story:

Henrys Mother, a friend of mine, is a much published author of books on parenting, motherhood and such. She Is also a well know (USA) Blogger Via Mommapundit
Here are some links, (a few may have to be scrolled down to view)


And many other Blogs, Print media, etc
The news

thanks for the healing

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This is a brilliant tribute to him Carl, I know he'd appreciate it and truly love it.

I'm very sorry to hear that he passed away dude, at such a young age and full of such potential I know it must be hard for you and everyone who was close to him.

I'm confident he appreciated everything you did for him and I'm sure everyone else does too.
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I never seem to know what to say at times like this. I'm sorry for your loss and I know that falls short of helping to ease the sorrow.
Your song is so very well written and I wish you never have to write one like this again.
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Really beautiful song man. I can feel you on this one, lost a couple buddies in Afghanistan a few months ago. Your words after are also, and always, fair, just and will make us all the wiser. I wish you nothing but smooth seas from here on out.

Rock on!
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Carl, I absolutely love this song and just the way it is. It touched me because I can relate. Not so much to you as to Henry. I guess I live the way I do now because I was once Henry.

I am sober 17 years now. I went to places I would never go, did things I would never do, and hung with people I never liked. I could have died just like Henry many times. For people like Henry and myself, we have to get high to live. Ironically, the only way for me to get high without drugs or alcohol now is to live. REALLY live! And it's awesome! I sometimes feel sorry for people who don’t have my problem because they don’t have to have my solution! Henry never really got a chance to learn this and that makes me sad. I've seen it a thousand times and I still see it. The good news for Henry and his family is they don’t have to fight addiction anymore.

This post is obviously not about me but about Carl and his friend Henry. I just want to offer my experience with this to say I can relate and if you think you can’t live without drugs and alcohol, trust me, you can.

I'm very sorry for your lost Carl and R.I.P. Henry.


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I'm not gonna say anything other than this, that was beautiful
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Sad story indeed...i just can say,beautiful song...
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brilliant song Carl.
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Rest in peace Henry. Sorry for your loss Carl

carlsnow says:
think how horrid this world would be were it not for your being alive.!

One of the most fantastic lines heard on long time.


ps. Hope we get happy song next time, so we still can have hopes in this world, when sadness turn to memories, we could all need encouragement.

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