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To The Future And Beyond!

Music and Bands
24 Feb 2012 20:38 | Quote
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Hey AGC, guess who's back? Back again? Shady's back, tell a friend... o.O

Seriously though, hi again :)

So, I thought I'd write a topic about our future goals and how we plan to get to those successful stages in our lives.

So, as some of you already know, I would like to be a soundtrack composer for films, as the compositions I make are best suited for that.

"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." - William Faulkner.

As the quote says, I strive to be better than myself with every passing day. I learn from the greats and try to do better than ever.

Everyone is bound to face that "wall" in their path to success every now and then, that struggle to understand why it's even worth it... but it's up to you as an individual to push yourself forward and break that wall down! You can only pat yourself on the back for so long though, then you have to get back on the road and keep going!

So, tell me what you want to be and how you plan to go about getting there!

Also, there's no problem if you don't know what you want to be - since this is a musical forum, why not post why you chose to play guitar and what you plan to do to better your skills?

24 Feb 2012 21:18 | Quote
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I have some plans for the future. when I turn 18(8months) I plan on renting a small studio(no pun) apartment in which to give guitar lessons as a second job during the weekends and time when im not working. I plan on saving all that guitar lesson money up until I can afford to rent a small building in which to open a music store(first in galt (; )to give lessons in and sell music related merchendise.

Evtually Maybe 20yrs in the future, I would hope to branch out into a chain,maybe 3-4 and quit working all together, and let others run the stores while I retire fat with all my dream studio equipment and instruments, and hopefully a band to help me produce an album XD

Getting a bit ahead of myself here, but these are my aspirations, and I hope they become real one day

24 Feb 2012 22:04 | Quote
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The Future scares me. :/

My planned future doesn't really involve music in my career. Even though I would love to play for a living; it's just not likely

My plans have changed quite a lot over the years. But I think I've narrowed it down a bit.

Apply to UPS for package handling and hopefully in a few years I can be a driver (good pay).
Take auto mechanic night courses for something to fall back on (just in case).

As for guitar. I'd be happy playing on the open mic night at a nearby cafe for a while.

Yea, I'm kinda boring, but I've got to think of my best interest.
24 Feb 2012 23:13 | Quote
Joined: 08 Feb 2012
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After high school:

1.Guitar Center till I've got some money
2.College (hopefully University of Georgia), for music and a buisness degree.
3. Open up a guitar studio in downtown Atlanta, GA. (also with lessons there too)

As far as my original music goes:

1. when i get money from guitar center, buy better recording equipment.
2. produce an EP, and distribute to lots of bars, coffee houses, cafe's, etc. in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).
3. play my songs wherever i get gigs at!
24 Feb 2012 23:22 | Quote
Joined: 27 May 2008
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DarkRiff says:
The Future scares me. :/

amen man

I dunno, I would love to be able to do music full time, do tours and stuff, but with folk music its all about being in the right place at the right time pretty much, but the place i'm in stinks. I'll probably move to the big city (Wooo Edmonton!) to try to build some "street cred" within the next year or two. hey maybe I'll get noticed and next thing you know I'll be playing Maggys Farm with Bob Dylan at the Grammy's. BUUUT I am recording a cd now, my friend has a home studio so we're working on it. so thats a start!

I've also thought about just doing like humanitarian work, no fame, fortune, glitz or glamor. just helping people who need help (thats what music is about anyway right?).

In short, my life goal is to get on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

PS Its good to have you back Jazz!
25 Feb 2012 01:02 | Quote
Joined: 27 Jan 2012
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I have a few goals and wants. I'm an EMT in CA. My future goal is to become a Paramedic and Firefighter, or a Swat Team Medic. I want to get my pilot's license and Falconry license. I want to be a master woodsworker, and become a great musician. But what I love to think about is becoming old, grey hair and glasses old...sitting on my porch playing the blues till the sun comes down =].
25 Feb 2012 06:15 | Quote
Joined: 20 Sep 2009
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After I graduate in May I will...

1) Enlist in the US Navy, spend 20 years or so active, retire as a Chief or Senior chief.
2) Join Local Law Enforcement
3) Bring my part-time Band to Full-time
25 Feb 2012 08:12 | Quote
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To the future I will build villa


(got road finished there last summer) Then I will spent there so much time as ever possible...

Enjoying these...

well... no other goals seriously... I hope on my later days, I can find my inner peace there, and maybe turn it to melodies.


BTW... Warm welcome back Missy.
25 Feb 2012 10:16 | Quote
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Well, I just moved back to the states. I'm off active duty now. But I also started college (again) at Phoenix College and I am also attached to a National Guard unit out here for two years. In those two years I plan on earning a degree in Applied Science Engineering. At that point I plan on attending ASU (Arizona State University) and earn a degree in Mechanical (Automotive) Engineering.

I hope to work for Honda as an, you guessed it, automotive engineer working on newer and better motors (Not sitting in a repair shop). However, if the job market is as slim as it was when I got off active duty (I applied to over 50 jobs pertaining to my expertise in radio and satellite equipment) I will consider re-enlisting as a commissioned officer and returning to active duty.

Rock on!
27 Feb 2012 15:14 | Quote
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Hey Jazz :D Or should I say 'Shady'? Eminem stole music YOU made and kept standing up didn't he? *Giggles at her own AWESOME joke*

Anyways, I've had all kinds of ambitious plans this year so it's pretty ironic you brought the topic up :) I'll be finishing my last year of art college soon - I'm thinking of spending just one year in another local college doing a first degree in fine art, then moving on to undergraduate level. After that, I'm going to try and get into a Uni for a PHD in art therapy - which is competitive in our country since my careers advisor informed me there's only 5 of those Unis in England.. :0 But hey, worth a shot since it's bound to feel like a rewarding thing to do.

But musically, I have a plan up my sleeve ;) Right now I'm getting my head around theory (at last), and I'm gonna keep trying at all the singing, guitar and song writing until I'm as good as I wanta be. And the biggest thing I'm planning? I wanta have a shot at getting into an American University for probably the undergrad course. I figure that: 1. I get to see if I'd really like to live there someday 2. I'd be more likely to get a citizenship if I study and still wanta live there AND the best part - try having fun playing traditional Red Dirt Country with and for people who appreciate the genre as much as I do(well, if I got into somewhere like Texas or Oklahoma at least, anyway)...
29 Feb 2012 18:24 | Quote
Joined: 24 Aug 2010
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I plan on going to college for pre-med with a focus in psychology and then on to med school. It is within this time period where I will do any job I can to make money. my dream is to eventually be my own boss and practice psychiatry my way, not the "here are some pills, see me in a week and tell me how you feel" way.

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