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What would you say is a Song?

19 Mar 2011 23:40 | Quote
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Now lets use are words, put your thinking caps on, AND BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE'S OPINION and this should be fun. Maybe we could all walk away happy, with some knowledge we didn't have before.

Good now that's out of they way.

I want to hear what you guys think are needed elements for a song to... well be a song?

just don't put one word, but say whatever you think is need to make a song like

"it needs to have lyrics."
(not my own idea, given you something to work with,)


"needs instrument(s) producing musical notes over a section of time"

I well post my thoughts after some people do, I have (what I think to be) a good Idea.

Lets have some fun!
20 Mar 2011 00:04 | Quote
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I think a song is an intentional set of at least two tones. I'd prefer at least four notes. Basically that's it for me, other than if its really sparse, hopefully there is some singing.
20 Mar 2011 01:20 | Quote
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it's so subjective to the person who creates it. I could make a song that some people would say isn't really a song and more of me just making noise, and the same with others. I think a song is whatever comes from the creators heart and soul. Doesn't have to have singing or even make other people happy, just something that comes from the artists heart...
20 Mar 2011 01:33 | Quote
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agreed, now about the question I asked. What do you think are elements of a song, in your book what does it take. So far you have just talked about what and artist need to make a song(more of less).

But if you think that is all it takes is a person playing notes (with what ever they have) from the heart its a song, then I guess you did answer the questions. XD
20 Mar 2011 01:48 | Quote
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a song to me is
1 how well all the instruments work together in a song
2 they ability to b listened to over and over again without annoying me
3 and a melody wether it be vocal or guitar that i can hum along too,even if its a shredders woodelooodelo,or catchy lyric, idc as long as its melodic.
20 Mar 2011 03:34 | Quote
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A song is a song if.
every other word isn't bleeped out on the radio.
the vocalist(s) isn't/aren't monotone.
the vocalist(s) don't autotune the whole thing.
there is feeling other than sex.
the vocalist(s) can be clearly understood at least 80% of the time.
20 Mar 2011 05:17 | Quote
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Philip glass wrote a song compsed of nothing but rests. 3 plus minutes of silence. I know a lot of you wont consider that to be a song. But i do. Unless were talking about a dictionary definition.
20 Mar 2011 06:47 | Quote
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Song have a beginning and the end.
Song have a theme. (even its chaotic and feels like it have no)
Song have noises.
20 Mar 2011 07:12 | Quote
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I would define a song as a sound or sounds that evoke an emotional response in the listener in such a way that the brain classifies it as music. For instance you might interpret the sound of the wind rushing across a field of tall grass as a song because it evokes a feeling of peacefulness in you. For someone else it might be just the sound of the wind and nothing more. So, it becomes a question of personal interpretation. Perception of sounds is therefore a deeply personal thing and making the leap to defining those sounds as "songs" or "music" is different for each individual.
Maharishi Phip
20 Mar 2011 07:29 | Quote
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@phip I agree and Truly feel the same way. That is a perfect classification of music. Thank you for you contribution. :) My next question is going to be really fun and I hope you get involved on it later its going to be a bit like this one.

@Domigan_Lefty I love the radio line, that is so true.
20 Mar 2011 11:15 | Quote
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Phip, that's great, you reminded me of a story I tell. I was with this girl who said "that's the most awesome hardcore music, where's it coming from?" Turns out it was someone dragging a metal trashcan in an alley with an echo. I gave her a Napalm Death album later that week.

Someone posted here a while ago a bunch of people swinging car doors, and mic-ing the turn signals and stuff. It was definitely music.

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