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joedelbucohemondRandom goodness xD07.09.2011
PhipSinging lessons! do re mi sol some karma fa yu. did I get that right?06.14.2011
Guitarslinger124Something good going on. Solid desire to learn, love the modesty. Thank you for your excellent contributions. Rock on dude!06.13.2011
case211Made me laugh about the karma he gave me, so here's to that man XD haha "hope you didn't take that seriously" hah06.02.2011
JustJeffGreat posts on the forums. Keep it up!05.28.2011
tinyskateboardGood input on the forums.04.07.2011
gshredder2112great posts,intelligent guy,bit of a smartass.....all around cool tho.04.07.2011
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts! And for posting swell videos.01.04.2011
EmpirismFirstly, post of Luc Arbogast, secondly he put The Rasmus on his influences that little surprises me..positive way.. + he is pretty nice and active dude since joining. Cheers!12.22.2010
GuitarGeorgehttp://www.all-guitar-chords.com/topic.php?id=4579 the cavemen :D12.22.2010
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