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John Mayer

9 Dec 2010 11:46 | Quote
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what do u think about John Mayer ... I think he's a very talented musician and the new face of music :)
9 Dec 2010 12:26 | Quote
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I see him as another artist who had great potential who got murdered by the music industry and became just another pop musician
9 Dec 2010 13:05 | Quote
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agreed. Great guitarist, but I don't see him doing anything that's too different from a lot of other musicians on the market now. Sad really, since as BBT mentioned he had loads of potential to do something different, unique, but really never got the chance.
9 Dec 2010 13:36 | Quote
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He is a really great musician,when he is not doing pop he makes really good stuff,he was smart enuff to accept mainstream ans his ally,not as his enemy
9 Dec 2010 13:47 | Quote
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He's good imo.
However whenever i see a parody of him/his music I always laugh.
9 Dec 2010 14:14 | Quote
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I'm not a big fan but I checked out a live Trio recording at the library, and it was pretty rockin. (I think there might be better songs than this [from this live trio session] out there, but youtube won't play any of the others for me today.)

10 Dec 2010 13:46 | Quote
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I kinda agree with you guys but I still think he's kinda done a bit of his own thing. especially if you listen to his album continuum.

10 Dec 2010 16:40 | Quote
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He's a talented guy and a great showman. Like everyone else says, he needs to stay out of the tabloids and do his own thing.
11 Dec 2010 14:07 | Quote
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John mayer is an Okay guy overall Im just not a Major fan :)
14 Mar 2011 18:27 | Quote
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United States
John Mayer received an terrific education at Berkley, but it doesn't show. He limits himself to much, especially with acoustic . He could be one of the most influential and amazing guitarists if he would open his mind and not really worry about being "popular," he could be much better and a million times more inspirational. He can play, but he doesn't, therefor he poison to guitarists.
14 Mar 2011 19:58 | Quote
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I admit he's good I don't care for him though.

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