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Playing by ear

25 Aug 2010 20:58 | Quote
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Hey guys Im here to ask a question and today my question is
How to play by ear
I've heard alot of guitarist say
"Oh its pretty easy i just learned it by ear you should give it a try" and Is there a certain way of learning to play by ear?
Little advice would be appreciated! =]

25 Aug 2010 21:08 | Quote
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Trial and error? I don't think that there is a certain specific way to learn other than just trying to get close to the notes in the song
25 Aug 2010 21:12 | Quote
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You know, it's important to pick things up, but really, everyone learns different man, even with guitar. Just pick a song you REALLY like, and learn it however you can. You'll find something that suits you, and then just run with it. And it changes too. I used to learn things by tabs, then I went to just learning it by ear.

25 Aug 2010 21:19 | Quote
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It's a matter of practice... it also takes years to master... Practice with chords to really get the hang of it.

But the best way is to learn songs by ear... keep working on it... don't just say "I think it's that..." and settle for those notes... make sure it's right! Always tune your guitar by your ear first and then play something else to see how far off you were... play those notes over and over again so you get to know them.

Music is a language, you're not going to be a pro in a few weeks.
26 Aug 2010 07:30 | Quote
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Investing in a bit of kit like the Tascam CDGT or MP3GT is a great asset to ear training. It will slow the music right down to as little as 50% (without loss of pitch) thus helping you to nail some of the faster runs and passages. I believe there's also software that can do the same job but I've no experience with that so I can't really comment on how good it is.
26 Aug 2010 08:33 | Quote
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This is a good site for ear training
Works with notes, intervals, scales, chords.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Requires QUICKTIME but will not work with QT7 You must use for QT5
26 Aug 2010 10:35 | Quote
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If you could play everything by ear you would have perfect pitch. Google it there are many sites that claim to be able to teach it to you. I knew one guy who had it once, when he was 11, haven't seen him in years though...
26 Aug 2010 12:04 | Quote
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There's a software program called "Amazing Slow Downer" that will change the speed of any song you want to learn without changing the pitch. Like everyone says, it will take practice and one day you will be able to know notes and chords when you hear them without having to use a device.

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