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writing a song

10 Dec 2009 20:55 | Quote
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what do you guys think? is it easier to write lyrics to chrod progressions or find a good cord progression to go with lyrics that you wrote?
10 Dec 2009 21:51 | Quote
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either way works pretty good,i personally write a chord progression first,but either way works,,,,,,,good luck.
10 Dec 2009 21:59 | Quote
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Depends on the writer, you could easily write the lyrics first and then fit them into your song, or write the chord progression first and then see what kind of words come to you. It's good experience for both really.
11 Dec 2009 09:36 | Quote
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Depends really. Before I used to think writing the lyrics first was easier, but lately I've been starting with chord progressions first. Not deleibrately, I just go with whatever is easier for me to think of and is more enjoyable for me to focus on at the time. Although I suppose for me it's been easier to put lyrics to an already existing progression then it is in reverse. Only you might have to alter your progression to fit either way so it's not too much of a difference. Either works good I think. Like Jazz said, just get experiance with writing them by experimenting with both the ways to see what you find easiest for you.
11 Dec 2009 15:30 | Quote
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I usually write the melody first before I even think of words that could go to it.

I have a very unique style of writing music: I first find a melody I dig. When I find that melody, I study it, find breaks where a chord change could occur or what sorts of chords work over certain parts of that melody. When I figure that out, I work on phrasing and inversions, as well as adding some more "flair."

I'm actually working on a piece right now that sort of shows how this process works. Though, there are no words... :-P
11 Dec 2009 15:37 | Quote
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i usually start with a chord progression then hum or 'lalala' a melody, then put lyrics to it. but sometimes i come up with some lyrics attached to a melody. then when i get my guitar i try to find some chords that fit, kind of like what Jeff does, only take out all the theory and stuff and just do what sounds right to me. or i take my new lyrics and sing them over a couple different progressions i have and see if they fit
11 Dec 2009 18:54 | Quote
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I find some lyrics buried deep in my twisted mind, decide whether its sad or hate, make some powerchords to fit(rhythm guitar). Then do a lead track/solo for it(lead guitar), then wish i had recording equipment. Or a camera that a sound from my amp isnt a clunk when played back.

Anyway, im not the singing type, so if i come up with some lyrics, its easier to make a backing track 2nd for me. I can get really technical with the backing, but only after i get the lyrics out
12 Dec 2009 09:11 | Quote
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Let the song 'write itself'.

If it asks you for an G7, give it one, if it speaks to an experience, give that experience voice.
(simplicity is both delicate and dubiously difficult to maintain, yet, imo, yields the highest rewards)

and remember that there is no better teacher than the waste basket; self-editing (song-wise) is paramount--better to write one great tune a year than 100 that are sub-par.


12 Dec 2009 16:15 | Quote
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carlsnow says:
there is no better teacher than the waste basket!

hahhah, true as hell!!
12 Dec 2009 20:28 | Quote
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but honestly i think you shouldnt second guess yourself, if youre happy with it go with it, even if other people dont think its good, but if your not, definately try to fit something else in

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