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is it worth it anymore?

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27 Nov 2009 11:43 | Quote
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is it even worth it anymore to quit college and mabye even my job just to play guitar and pursue a "career" as amuscician...will i b destined tto be a starving muscician for the rest of my life. do the pros out wiegh the cons of not having a college education... who knows? :O

ppl say u cant make decent money now wihtout atlest a bachelours degree..bak in the eighties or w/e ppl used to just ignore school and pursue music it was thier life...
27 Nov 2009 11:45 | Quote
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Hmm, you can play at some bars and stuff. You might make it big, or be homeless...
27 Nov 2009 12:03 | Quote
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Hey man, its same than any other business. Its up to your dedication, your choices, your success or loss. Its only matters what you want to do with your life.

If you are sure, who can stop you? nobody. But if you hesitate, dont quit your college, finish your education and after that start your career, if it fails, you have an option.

My advice is, that finish your education and spend your freetime to music and prepare to your upcoming career or dream. If you prepared well, your chances to success doubles. Its hard road ahead.

27 Nov 2009 12:04 | Quote
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dude, I don't think that would be a good idea... honestly, Domigan is right, there's too much luck involved with getting big.

Allan Holdsworth almost never got a chance to make any career out of music, and he was on the verge of being homeless without a job.

Seriously man, get a degree in something, find a job that you know you can hang on to for a while and possibly move up in pay at a steady pace, and then you can start trying to gig on weekends without actually *needing* them to survive.

Honestly, its best to have a sort of "back up" plan to fall on if your serious about making music your career, but a blind leap of faith isn't the best option always.
27 Nov 2009 14:52 | Quote
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I'd recommend taking this as a career, but take this to uni or something, with a good qualification, better understanding of music and possibly increase your confidence (should it need to be) this would help you to gain many contacts.

With a degree you're more likely to get a well paid job faster than you would if you start from scratch.

Plus, music is a tough job to get into anyway, and near enough every musician struggles in the beginning.
27 Nov 2009 15:59 | Quote
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ty ppls ima try and go to a music college i guess
28 Nov 2009 08:13 | Quote
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BUT be prepared to pay more dues than *Job
( * the Biblical Job )

Had a few 'horror' stories to share but realized i have a student sooooon and don't wanna freak ya out too bad.
but stick w/ it!

he's late, mmm a few "horror" stories and stories of encouragement

and finally...
College, Music "school"(we have a few lame ones here, Berkley (MA), etc wont help for much except finding 'contacts'). Had a buddy (we both got musical scholarships to Berkley in 1984) go to a school , he quit when they told him a Slide was "wrong'; He then Signed to Warner Bros. (now back w/ an Indie).
Had another Friend (younger) namned Nick R, who's band opened fer "us" a lot in the mid 80's ... moved to LA to be a guitar god, lol, now he is a 1st-chair engineer! (Just worked on Alice / Chains, Tom Petty etc) .. no formal training.
Another went out west for the same reason, got hooked on various substances but made it back...he is now a director of special FX (last Movie = 'Pirates of the Caribbean)
I played and played until it payed off.
just be willing to sleep under a few Taco Stands (TX) and such.

its like the old Blues Men will tell ya .. 'Ya gotta pay them dues!'

Good Luck! and Godspeed! ..>>>


30 Nov 2009 11:34 | Quote
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thanks man
idk berkley and another school are rly theo nly music colleges in my area and my guitar teacher said it was pretty good and he sent some students there. i want a job where i play guitar but it doesnt have to b the same o;ld cliche of being poor till i make it big in a sick band or something. i cud b a session guitarist. or w/e else is out there
30 Nov 2009 11:43 | Quote
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Well, keep in mind even if you do make some good money off of music you will not forever, and unless you become a superstar you will have nothing to fall back on. also, a word of advice if you are EVER in need of money or shelter there are hundreds of ways to get help, from joining the reserve for 2 years, to just gonig to a breakfast mission for a couple days.

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