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patleh Karma (8)


Who Why Date
nullnaughtFunny guy09.06.2010
EmpirismHe dont fear to throw different opinions from masses, his lyrics are pure quality. Cheers m8.07.08.2009
PhipEven though he hates my guts he's willing to speak up and be heard. Bravo!05.07.2009
LittlewingEagles Fan ;)12.27.2008
Ozzfan486Great songwriter. nuff said. Oh! And a merry ***ing Christmas to you as well!! lol.12.20.2008
HeatherI think you deserve some karma, your songs are brilliant and I really appreciate your coment on my song.12.18.2008
Dyl4NDUDE...the lil kamikaze boy is a good song...just have to polish it...deserve a karma for that!!!...and bcoz u always wear sunglasses!!! :P12.18.2008
soy.el.chenew and active.. wow. i like your lyrics, u got no karma? now u do u rule12.09.2008
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