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How do you learn songs?

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12 Sep 2009 08:38 | Quote
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Just wanted to know how everyone learns how to play songs?
12 Sep 2009 10:14 | Quote
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I mainly learn songs by ear, as I personally feel that'll help improve anyone's musical skills tremendously. But I also learn by reading notation.

Tabs are almost always wrong - unless you're getting it from an official book. But it is not a good way to advance the guitar, unless you intend to drop it in the near future. (No offense)
12 Sep 2009 10:39 | Quote
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12 Sep 2009 12:17 | Quote
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12 Sep 2009 12:21 | Quote
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Ear nowadays,but when im too lazy or its a realy really technical songs,The option is GUitar Pro
12 Sep 2009 12:48 | Quote
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lol guitar pro is good
12 Sep 2009 12:54 | Quote
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I confess, I'm strictly a tab book reader. I can hardly tell the difference between a trumpet and a french horn, never mind what notes and chords a guitar's playing! :P
12 Sep 2009 13:15 | Quote
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i usually try doing it by ear, then if i cant i use guitarpro. i know that almost all tabs are wrong, but the way i see it the people who tabbed it out probably can figure the song out better than i can. and sometimes i ask my guitar teacher to teach it to me if i really wanna learn it
22 Sep 2009 15:32 | Quote
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I put other because I use my ear and tabs. First I look up tabs. If they have it on the internet, I'll follow it and make changes from what I think they got wrong. If they don't have it and I really want to learn the song, I'll take it slowly by ear to make sure everything is correct. Then I tab it out on GuitarPro to work on writing rhythms and so I can remember it later.
22 Sep 2009 15:41 | Quote
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I watch a cover or a live performance,
Then look up a tab as a reference. I go in thirds i guess
23 Sep 2009 05:29 | Quote
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Right now I am watching you tube video's..... I have not tryed this guitar pro..So I am downloading it now....

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