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Just saw this but here goes my favorite singers whats yours please comment

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27 Aug 2009 12:18 | Quote
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freddy mercury
27 Aug 2009 12:22 | Quote
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I have to say Loreena McKennitt :P

Her voice is magical and yet so beautiful, her beauty is elegant, her lyrics are mystical, beautyful, touching and intelligent. She plays Harp, Piano and stuff I dont even know those names... totally multigifted musician who is wonderful treasure in todays music.

28 Aug 2009 03:54 | Quote
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Wow Emp, you have some very good taste in music! I've never heard of Loreena McKennitt before but that sounded amazing. I'll have to check out more of her work.

I choose Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Out of all those bands I listen to their songs most, and their songs also stick in my head the most.
29 Aug 2009 14:07 | Quote
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From those you listed,i Would go with Extreme,for my Personal favourite,Gotta Go With Michael Jackson or James LaBrie (When Not Singins Live) Or Michelle Adamson,Michelle is the Most famous singer In the Psytrance Scene,you should check her out if you're into Trance!!
29 Aug 2009 23:29 | Quote
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Ella Fitzgerald gets my vote for best singer
but i don't really have a favorite singer
30 Aug 2009 09:44 | Quote
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Chris Cornell or Axl Rose [old Axl not his whiny ass new voice lmao].


30 Aug 2009 13:45 | Quote
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probably Conor Oberst is my favorite right now
30 Aug 2009 20:24 | Quote
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I like some of guns and roses
31 Aug 2009 10:01 | Quote
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31 Aug 2009 12:45 | Quote
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1 Sep 2009 09:01 | Quote
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i liked wen RHCP made softer songs like snow and porcilin, and i like the velvet glove

and also system of a down wen they made those certain songs that have that AMAZING CHORUS listen to sad statue to prove my point

and pouring reign by as blood runs black its an instrumental and its beautiful

and another intrumental i neeed someone to tab cuz its amazing to the 3rd power is four winds by at the throne of judgment

6 Sep 2009 14:29 | Quote
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the guy from devil wears prada( the singer not the screamer)
the guy from motionless in white is good
the guy from outworld has a cool power metal kinda voice
the guy from killswitch engage has a good singing voice
the clean vocalist from underoath is good
the girl from eyes set to kill is good

thats just singers though. i prefer screaming lol

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