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RA Karma (16)


Who Why Date
DarkRiffA Reasonable Person09.02.2011
DanielMReally knowledgeable about music theory with nice lengthy posts08.08.2011
gshredder2112Ra Had A complete undertstanding of music.Theory and Technology wise.He should visit more often too.07.26.2011
Guitarslinger124For some informative posts and just for being a solid member.07.12.2011
BodomBeachTerrorFor having a fricken Nick Drake display picture! Somehow I just noticed02.27.2011
AdmiralTransformers = Modes...Fighting Mode! haha..always helps with knowledged and detailled posts! Valued Member!01.05.2011
MoshZilla1016You give the best and most detailed post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!01.05.2011
luthierCause I'm giving everyone karma cause I now have 20 posts!01.04.2011
nullnaughtYour a great help09.12.2010
btimmGave an outstanding response to my question keys and modes, a really helpful forum member!08.24.2010
GuitarGeorgeThis: http://www.lydiandominant.com/studio.html06.11.2010
case211RA is extremely helpful. Lengthy posts that don't leave too much left to be answered. Very knowledgeable and I can dig it!09.25.2009
carlsnowdunno if ya can tell what post (its the blues jazz thang) but hell yes! and hell yes , lol, on many before ... i must fubkin' know you or something hahaha ... anyways KUDOS !07.31.2009
TaylorHelped me distinguish tubes from solid-state amps. Thanks a lot!02.18.2009
brodyxhollowDig your views on punk.02.15.2009
EmpirismErm, I honestly think that when this forum have this kind of karma system, dudes like RA should earn one. Very knowledgeable and helpful in countless posts.01.14.2009
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